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New Member From Leicester With Questions

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I am new to the forum and am looking for some advice if possible.


The situation is this -


I have two dogs and two cats and they all get on, kind of, but i am looking for a dog for my mother to adopt. I think that she would benefit from some animal companionship and thought that an older dog would suit her best. The trouble i am having is that although my mum has had dogs for most of her life, she is now not in too much of a good way herself, in terms that she would be unable to take a dog out on regular walks as she is almost unable to walk herself. She does has quite a large garden, but due to a possible move, the garden space will be reduced, although there still will be some garden space. Initially i was told that a greyhound would be good as they do not require to much walking, then i was told that maybe a smaller dog would be good. Basically i am looking for a dog that can walk well on a lead ( as this would mean that she could take him/her out for a walk) gets on well with other dogs and cats(for the times that either i take mine to her, or the adopted animal has to stay with us for a bit). Does anyone know of such a dog?


Thanks for any help in this,



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Hi Dino


Welcome to the forum flowers.gif


Have you tried The Oldies Club as maybe an older, quieter dog would suit?


Other than that I would try to make contact with a few rescues direct and explain the circumstances and see if they can help match your mum and a dog.

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