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Trallwm farm

[wiki] Trallwm Farm Sanctuary

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Article title: Trallwm Farm Sanctuary

Article description: mainly horses and livestock but also unruly large dogs

Category: Welfare\Rescue Organisations

Date added: Dec 28 2007, 10:47 PM

Article starter: Trallwm farm


Trallwm Farm has taken in many horses over the years and has its own resident herd of cattle mostly raised from 2 day old calves that would other wise have been killed by the hunt and fed to the hounds.

We dont take in many dogs but those that are here come because they cannot get help or safety elsewhere often through thier own behaviour.

We dont get involved in easily homed dogs as there are plenty of rescues for them but anything huge or with problems we try to help.

We have helped many Danes survive but my heart is with blue scruffy boys called Bojangles.

We are honest and to the point,what you see is what you get.

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