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  1. Hello Peeps.Hope everyones well. I dont get a minute to myself now days so dont get on here as much as Id like to. Who is it in Anglesea that is a member here ? Ive been asked for an emergency home check for a rescue dog who will be homeless if anyone can advise me I would be grateful
  2. Hello people, Ive read through as much as I can so hello,goodbye, sorry to hear that, thats fabilous news and speak soon
  3. I never thought I would say that wales is hotter than where Sam lives but I am now. Hello to everyone and I hope you are all ok. Ive been very very busy of late so not been on here so I hope everything is going well for everyone.
  4. Its bloody monsoon season here but without the warmth. There is snow on some mountains apparently
  5. Thats utterly brilliant and Im not surprised you are proud of her. Well done BOTH of you for your commitment and the difference you have made to so many animals lives.
  6. whatever i can get. Ideally a company that does fundraising but a person that could do it would work. Its for a registered charity and it would be self emplyoyed. PM me Whizzie if you want to know more
  7. As the font of all knowledge can anyone advise me on professional fundraisers for a reg charity. I either cant get hold of anyone or they are huge or out of Wales. I know their are individuals that do this for a living but where would I even find one of those ?
  8. Thats amazing and wonderful news. Im so made up for you both. You hear of people whose destinies just open up in front of them and for you its happened and you can reach for the stars !!!!
  9. Ive been back on 4 times to see what your news is Sam and Im still none the wiser. Griff I hope the meds do their stuff for you.
  10. What a brilliant thing to be doing Sam. Have a great Christmas
  11. At least you are further towards solving it Alex. I hope you are sorted enough to have your heat on for Christmas
  12. Established Member 2,968 posts Posted Today, 09:32 AM I defrost my freezer with a hairdresser and a strong the bowl of hot water method quicker? That is SOOO posh
  13. The Trallwm farm cows have been in for 3 days for TB testing. Thats all it takes them to hook fences off posts, spread buckets everywhere and generally trash the yard. They can go back out in a minute. It shows how much they enjoy thier freedom to live thier lives.
  14. Lovely to come on here and find it all Christmassy. I dont feel very merry this year but this has made me smile.
  15. My plane to Glasgow was driven by Ian Hazell. When he announced himself as Mr Hazell all I could think of was Cheryl
  16. Its horrendous here. Does anyone know if flights are still running from Cardiff airport or how I would find out. Ive tried looking online for phone numbers but they try hard not to give them nowdays. Ive just sat on hold for ages on an 08712 number and got no where.
  17. Just got in so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phebe
  18. Loobie, I dont think you are alone.Its hateful weather,its winter and everyones struggling to find the good in things at the moment.
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