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  1. I agree. Trust no-one at this stage; this is how it starts, all nicey-nicey and reasonable. You're concerned for your environment and they're concerned about money - and we know who holds more power. You do need a local action group, as blackmagic says.
  2. There must be an equivalent organisation in your neck of the woods, Suzeanna, but here's a Scottish website my daughter told me about. Much of the information is general (ie not only relevant to Scotland) and explains for example why "new coal" is not a good thing!
  3. Well you won't get much sympathy from the landowners and farmers who stand to gain hugely from the sale or leasing of this land, but what does your local council (Parish?) have to say about it? Sorry, I don't know what the equivalent is in England, but up here, our Community Council would be taking the lead in monitoring (and probably opposing) proposals such as this. I'd get in touch with them first and ask what they intend to do, and see whether you can help enlist local support. I assume your neighbours will all be as upset as you. It's always essential to act quickly before a pro-landowner/farmer planning department gives this sort of thing the green light. There is of course the possibility that some locals may welcome it - you'd have to find out how many jobs it would provide, and how much coal would be removed over what period of time, and so on - so that you have the stats to support any objections. Good luck
  4. K9Fran, I hope you've found some help from someone by now. To all those feeling under the weather, get better soon And to those who want snow, please come and take ours. My new hens are disgusted.
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss, Snow. Thinking of you and your family tonight.
  6. Suzeanna, have you seen this?
  7. I do think the solitary life ain't all it's cracked up to be , Suzeanna. I know when I worked full-time, or when I was at home (working even harder) with my four children, I used to long for "alone time" - but if you have no means of occupying yourself it's a long day. I don't think modern life lends itself to chats over the garden fence so much these days - if you want company you often need to seek it out. Are there no free groups in your area? Nothing you fancy joining? I'm not much of a joiner myself, mind you, so hardly one to advise others!
  8. Oh, thank you all - and thank you, Suzeanna, for not revealing my age. It's a Very Big Birthday, Heck, who cares? I am 65! but no woolly twinsets and pearls for me. I am getting a hen house and a guinea pig hutch. The guinea pigs and hens are almost organised. I also had a card and a huge pack of creme eggs from Bonnie and the cats. Bonnie writes very well for a cavalier. Liz.
  9. Aw, your poor mum, Snow. I hope they manage to make her more comfortable tomorrow. Thinking of you both.
  10. Sorry I missed your gotcha day, Dylan - hope you had a lovely day and that you give your mum and dad many more years of fun! Love from Liz and Bonnie x
  11. Well done! The fact that you'll be missed is a lovely, positive thing to take from this experience. Wishing you all the best for the future!
  12. Congratulations to you all! As for recovery aids...big old-lady pants, loose-fitting pull-on trousers, some decent ready meals for their freezer, and practical help with cleaning, washing, housework?
  13. I suppose if it's been sitting in the garden for weeks it will be too far gone to offer on Freecycle? Goodness knows what they charge, but I found this company below on Gumtree (and - cruelly - had to cut and paste for the spelling alone... ) "ANY Rubbish/Waste Removals Fully Liciensed And Council Approved Call Today 07762849244/07845830160 Cumbria ANY Rubbish on 07762849244/07845830160 ANY Rubbish Removals Fully Liciensed And Council Approved No Job To Big Or Small From Single Items To Full Loads No Need For A Skip When We Load And Take Away For You Especially Were Skips Carnt Go We Can." Liz.
  14. So sorry, Jazz. Thinking of you We walked on the little beach at Aberdour today - it was very busy! Cold but bright, so really blew the cobwebs away, and Bonnie had a good run. There were the usual heroic (mad) Ne'erday swimmers...brr...I wasn't among them.
  15. Happy Hogmanay and a Guid New Year to you all for later. May 2012 be a healthy one for you and your pets. to all the injured/ill people - get well soon. Rowan Cat has been on insulin for a week now and is looking like his old self. Ok, we can't go anywhere for the rest of his life - injections twice daily - but that's a small price to pay. I thought we were losing him last week, and it's too soon; he's only 13. I am so relieved.
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