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  1. Max has found his forever home
  2. Well Max is still looking for a home despite being a perfect dog. I had the pleasure of meeting this boy last weekend at a Kelpie training day. He is absolutely adorable and would fit quite nicely into pretty much any home. Despite being a young Kelpie he is very laid back and likes nothing more than curling up on a sofa and having cuddles. He does enjoy pleasing his foster carer so would be happy to do agility or some other kind of doggie sport but doesn't necessarily need a very active home and would be quite happy being a pet as long as he got lots of love. Oh did I mention he is GORGEOUS! ;)
  3. Max is in foster care in Birmingham he is a black and tan Kelpie x, Neutered and approx 18 months. Max is crate trained , travels well and is very friendly and playful . He has good recall off lead and gets on well with other dogs . Currently living with house cats . Has had basic training and been introduced to Agility equipment. If you interested in offering Max a forever home please contact Kelpie Welfare
  4. Thanks for the compliment Kev but the people who run KW so a fantastic job and I'm just try to help out whenever I can although I wish I could do more. Where did Joe go in the end? Is he going to be a search and rescue dog?
  5. Sorry Dianne, I meant Merseyside yes both boys are coming to you, I just need to sort out transport for Daffy
  6. Zak is going to Northwest RGT Thanks for your help Dianne
  7. I have emailed him a few times and phoned but he's never got back to me
  8. Thanks Billy, its one I had never heard of so I've emailed them Jules I have pm'ed you with my number ;)
  9. Hi blackmagic, yes I have but most of them haven't replied and the ones who have are full and can't help.
  10. Tia is a black 12 year old female cat who needs a rescue space or home asap. She is spayed and vaccinated and has lived with another cat in the past. Tia is on the Wirral but can travel. Can anyone help?
  11. Zak's situation is now urgent and he needs a place by the end of the week or he will be pts Can anyone help?
  12. I have emailed her to see if she is still looking for a dog but have had an out of office reply until the 13th September. I'll let you know when I hear from her Kev
  13. Yeah, definately go for it Kev It would be wonderful for Joe if he could do such a valuable job.
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