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  1. Thankyou . if you email me if you do that would be great , thanks Think email add is above PS you should run Kelpie Welfare
  2. I shall, if you could also contact that woman or get contact details for me , more options the better, as that guy keith warwick is often in china as he does alot of work for them picking them agility and training search and rescue. Thanks Cackie
  3. sorry about spelling and grammer, i was rushing and pressing the wrong buttons. me and joe had a 1 to 1 with a dog trainer when we first got him, and he was really impressed how smart joe was and how calm he was. and he just so happens to be the guy who teaches the dogs for the mountain rescue in cumbria and flys all over the world to teach and advise people. you have now given me the idea to have a word with him as he may know someone. but i will let you get intouch with that woman first though .
  4. >Oh im sure he would love that . This kind of person who is outdoors alot is the type of owner i would like for him as i have also mentioned him in fell running forums .<BR><BR>When i get the chance im often in the cumbrian mountains, we both did scaf fell pike a few weeks back, took 6 hours and he was back and forth up and down all day . Loves it. <BR><BR>See he was rescued from a farm just below Helvellyn so he has always been out on the fells, he is like a complete diff dog out on the mountains , reallly in his element .<BR><BR>As for mountain rescue i dont know if he would be to old to be taught that , But saying that he is a very nose oriantated dog. going round the park is a nightmare as he just hovers up the paths with his nose seeking all the scents hence why i like to go far and wide where not many dogs pee, as he gets a little obssessed with sniffin .<BR><BR>But he is really quick to learn, like lernt touch really easy, some clicker, could do some agility but he had no interest doing it just wanted to sniff . but been castrated now and is more responsive and easyer distracted when in a heavly scented area like the local park where 100s of dogs are walked.<BR><BR>Wow that was a esay. I know he is the perfect dog , like really is in every way. not your normal hyper active working breed, quite happply sleep for most the day till walking time, doesnt bark really, only when playing. and can be left for good few hours So if you want that woman to get intouch or i can get intouch with that, it would certainly be workth meeting up or having a chat . thanks
  5. link doesnt seem to work, try this . sorry
  6. Hi, Im thinking of rehoming my dog Joe. Im starting uni next year and its a hours drive away and i dont have a car so even worse public trasport , i also have a five year old son and im a single parent . So even though i have the time for Joe just now next year is going to very hard and i feel joe wont get the time he needs, so after alot of thought and trying to work things out i think this may be best for him if i can find him the right home. Idealy he needs a garden, as i live in a small terrace with only a yard and he wont toilet in the yard whitch would make things easyer but i know he will toilet in a garden if need be. About joe, he is a very loving dog and loves attention, he can be a little submissive and i have worked on his confidence , he was rescued from a farm at paterdale cumbria just bellow helvellyn last year. as he wouldnt work sheep , he is an a austrailian Kelpie and about 6-7 years old. he handnt done anything before me and just stayed in the barn most of the time riddled with fleas while his brothers and sisters went out to work on the fells . he is very clever and learnt to walk on the lead in no time, and knows sit, lie , wait easly and even better for a treat . Joe loves to be out on the fells running or walkiing and only lies down when its to warm to wait on me to catch up, he is really in his elemnt on the fells, as this was where he grew up, and he is like a diff dog compared to walking round a town park where all he cares about id sniffing and scent marking. he road runs with me and can do 10 miles although i tend to limmit his running to 5 miles specially in the summer. as i have a little boy joe will wait in the mornings to be walked after i drop lad off at school so gets walked at 930 am. no silly early morning walks for us unless we plan to go early say to walk the scafells . Joe likes a hour walk in the morning and a hour at night and can have his last walk at night at about 5 pm and hold on till 930 am. but i wouldnt risk any later than that. if he would just pee in my yard ( silly boy ) Joe is freindly to all creatures great and small, ( including cats ) he is very soft, and just likes to sleep in his bed when not out for a walk or to be petted . he likes rules and will follow them if consitant. like he isnt alowed up stairs and has never been upstairs even when left alone . he doesnt bark, only when really excited for his walk or playing chase. doesnt bark at the door when people knock. if carslberg made dogs they would have made Joe . really is a top dog and its very hard for me but i think im doing the right thing for him. I wont be letting just anybody have him, and would like for them intersted to meet him a couple of times and maybe a home visit if posible. so if you have the time and the love and havea stable lifestyle and can offer him a home full of love then get intouch . Im in no rush to rehome him and its only if the right person comes along. Im in south Cumbria . here is some pics, any questions just ask . thanks Pm me or email for more info . thanks
  7. you woulld think , but i live in cumbria now :(

  8. Awww its such a shame , his temperment sounds fantastic whatever the breed. If i was closer and circumstances were diff i would love to help out , but im looking for a bigger place to rent and having one dog at the moment aint making things easy . But good luck, and somone should snap him up, as staffies make a great family pet, they dont get called the nanny dog for nothing and he seems the full package
  9. Ok here is joe the farm dog, he wasnt keen on leaving his bros and sisters and dad, but cos he didnt work they couldnt keep him. he was smaller than his sisters and bros and parents so thinking maybe the runt of the littler. He is really good natured and shows no dominance as all, pretty placid and great around people but nervous in town and streets as he lived pretty much in the sticks . he first came in a peed in my sons toy box haha, so good start no he been great so far, had a poo in yard and i have nearly taught him to sit . dont know how to add pics,,,, need help there please
  10. I will get some pictures and let you know how it goes. Your right mop, i got a rescue staffie once, such a lovely dog, but ever time i left him he would pee and poo all over the house and when i say leave i mean go up stairs for a pee or go to bed. I didcussed it with rescue after a week after nothing i was doing would resolve this, turnes out the dog had been rehomed twice before and he was returned because of this problem. I felt i should have know this before hand and then a few days later the dog started fitting, so to the vets and turned out he was epilpetic , the rescuer said he knew nothing about that. but im not so sure. and i said this isnt the dog you said he was, he has many issues, he said if i didnt want him then just go and take him a get him put down. I was pretty upset and angry. so i called a guy that looked after the staffy at the kennels the rescue placed used before he was homed to me and he agreed to take him and care for him. I would have kept the staffie but my kid was young then and vet advised me that the age of my kid and the work thats gonna be needed to look after the dog would be to much . that put me off getting a dog for a long time . but im bk and taking no chances famous last words maybe ? haha
  11. Hi fee. yes i have considered the vet fees and what not, i have considered getting a pup, altho i dont have a great deal of money it is something i would be willing to pay. But i know where your coming from. I have been thinking about it, and im going to ask the guy if i could have 3-4 week trial period to give the dog plenty time to settle in and to see if any problems arise, cos for his age if ge has any bad habits they should be fully developed and hopefiully that should give me enough time to make a educated judgement . thanks for your advice and i have taken it on board and will think about these things when i visit the dog tomorrow and hope it all helps to make the right decision .. thanks
  12. Thanks cycas , yeh i think im prepared for the work, i have had a collie springer cross from a pup many moons ago, and she was a very active dog and would stop all day. I look after my son 3 days a week and he has started school full time so im gonna have plenty of time on my hands and hoping to take it to obediance classes and once thats completed go onto agility as they do that just 5 mins walk up the road from me. Its not the work that worrys me,, its more the him being ok with m lad and that he would be trainable. oh and with it not having his jabs ever, if i was to rehome him is it something should start up,, im guessing yes but thought i would ask
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