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  1. The Board of Trustees of The Spaniel Trust wish to announce they have accepted the resignation of Peter Pinnington in his capacity as Trustee and Chairman of the board of Trustees. It was his original intention to devote two years to establish the Spaniel Trust, he made no secret of that, and we accept his decision to move on now with other areas of his life. The Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his service and high standards of performance of his duties. We have appreciated his work greatly, and his departure is much regretted. The Trustees would also like to express their appreciation for Peter's excellent work, from all his dedication in the setting up of the Spaniel Trust, his financial support, housing the headquarters to educating us all about TRUST. The Trustees, on behalf of all the dogs Peter helped to find new happy lives would like to say a huge Thank You, he will be missed. The Trustees would all like to wish Peter every success in his future endeavours. Eileen Carson Acting Chair on behalf of the Board of Trustees
  2. Please visit CavalierTalk forum there is a wealth of breed specific health info on there in particular on MVD and Syringomyelia. Hope this is ok to post on here Mods, but feel this in this instance OP needs breed specific info, please delete if inappropriate.
  3. crossposted This handsome young man is Basil. He is a 3 year old working cocker spaniel and is being rehomed via the Spaniel Trust. He came to us via his 4th owner after avoiding the vets needle at the 11th hour. He bit his previous owner on the hand who then required hospital treatment. Upon further investigation it was discovered that Basil resource guards and this was handled incorrectly leading him to escalate his body language signals. We know he has had at least 1 abusive home and has been passed around several unsuitable homes. He has been here for 3 weeks now and is an absolute gem of a dog. Like many dogs he does like to hold things in his mouth and not let go but with sympathetic training he is learning to drop on command and does not show ANY aggressive behaviours. He does grumble sometimes if he doesnt want to move out the way but with positive training methods and simple non-confrontational management its not an issue at all. In fact he is a very good boy who behaves better than my own dogs! He loves tennis balls to be thrown for him (and will exchange them for another one now), loves to swim, gets on fine with the 100+ dogs he's met so far. Great wth kids, males, females, cats etc thats he's met outside the house. Hasnt been fussed by sheep or horses either. His recall is fab, he doesnt go far and comes back for a treat. Walks well on the lead after the first few minutes, doesnt chew, is fully housetrained, fine to be left for a few hours and is a very cuddly daft boy! He knows sit, down, paw, go away and is learning stay, wait, lie down, drop. Basil needs a home with cocker experienced owners (older children only) who can give him at least an hours exercise offlead a day, play tug with him and throw balls. Retired or part-time workers with or wthout other dogs. Basil has been an only dog until now so has forgotten how to play but is perfectly sociable and in time would probably learn to join in with dog play. He really is a great dog with loads to give and his single biting incident was due to the misfortune of being in the wrong homes and being treated in the wrong manner. Basil is a star and as I've said to plenty others if I didnt already have 4 dogs he'd be staying here forever. He's my special wee man who really deserves his forever home now where he can unpack his baggage and relax. He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and wormed. Currently on a diet to shift about 3kgs of excess weight but has been given a clean bill of health by the vet. Any potential new families will be required to pass a homecheck and give a donation to the Spaniel Trust. All enquiries should go to or ring 01688 400 337.
  4. The Spaniel Trust Christmas Poem 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town, Every rescue is full with dogs saved, not "put down", They lie down to sleep and sweet dreams fill their heads Of a home they once knew and their own cozy beds. Once they were little, wanted, loved, then they grew Now they're not young, they have "issues", aren't new. So now here they are, all confused and alone... In a rescue with others who also wait for a home. When a dog's life is fear This Christmas remember Love should last all year ........... Not just for now in December! © Eileen Carson December 24, 2008 Merry Christmas everyone! Eileen, Briar, Jack, Berry and Billy Bracken, oops and Oscar our Christmas visitor!
  5. Fifer

    Pts Numbers.

    Actually Michelle I've just had a look at it and I think it could be changed to fit the UK relatively easily. If you want I'll have a stab at it?
  6. Fifer

    Pts Numbers.

    I think it is a really good idea. TBH ANYTHING which makes people think, especially at this time of year is great. I'm posting this poem everywhere I can and with a nice warm cheery Christmas border round it; several people have commented on it being "chilling" - good - it's meant to be!!! If it stops just one person buying a "throwaway" pup this Christmas then it's worked. Ye Olde Puppy Shoppe !!! We love our puppy customers - They're our No 1 bread and butter, Especially right now at Christmas time With their MasterCards all a-flutter. Oh sure, they've heard about puppyfarms - They don't live in a cave. The tree-huggers dreamed THAT whole thing up. They're really quite depraved! All OUR pups came from "Local Breeders". These signs around TELL you so; We paint 'em up and hang 'em high 'Cause we want you to know! We don't put a price on honesty, But this pup will cost eight hundred dollars. You don't think that we make the big bucks Selling fish food and martingale collars ! But back to our Christmas Greeting And why we wish you all Good Cheer; You see, you are $pecial folks to us At this festive time of year. We love you because you're lazy, Though very well-connected. You just won't take the time to find A breeder who's respected. You so rarely do your homework. (Santa, send us MORE trusting fellas With no time to learn about Legg Perthes Or Luxating Patellas !) Zoonotic's not a word you learned Playing Scrabble or at school ? Color Mutant Alopecia ? Duh ! We LOVE it, man, you're COOL !!! Cryptorchids must be flowers from Hawaii you say ? We will sure not tell you better. And you don't need to know Brucellosis, my friend, Unless, of course, you get 'er !!! You think that CERF-ing's what cool dudes do Somewhere out in California ? And OFA's just another old workplace law ? We're sure not going to warn you ! But should we stumble upon someone Who IS savvy in any way, We'll just start extolling the wonderful work Of the grand ole USDA !!! We love you 'cause you just don't care - You buy it because you want it. You can lay your cash on OUR counter, ma'am, If you've got it, you OUGHT to flaunt it !!! We love the things you DON'T ask !!! It makes our job so easy. If you saw the sights behind the scene You'd probably get quite queasy. You'll never see the breeding dogs Who suffer on the wire, Or pups die of hyper-thermia When their truck gets a flat tire. We'll keep you from our back room, too, And put a padlock on the freezer. Those tiny puppies stiff and cold Would not be a crowd pleaser. We hope you have a vet you like - That pup's probably gonna need him. Ivomec wears off in thirty days - That's how long we've guaranteed him !!! Who cares when you get that blue slip home And find out that it wasn't true. Your Local Breeder's way out in Kansas ? HO! HO! HO! That joke's on you !!! So come and see us, one and all - Join in our Christmas Cheer ! We've strung the tinsel all around. If we could, we'd serve you beer ! We've got the carols playing And a Santa, for good reason; We're all scrubbed up and lookin' good So you'll make our Christmas season. As you walk away with your new pup We'll shed a happy Christmas tear. Don't change ONE THING about yourself- Just DO come back next year !!! (ching, ching) Shannon McClure Addie's Safehouse © 1999
  7. You mean whether the weather is wet or fine? BTW On the lodger issue I'd go for A! He sounds hunky!
  8. Cheers, kinda thought you'd missed that! Our phone number is 01688 400337
  9. Drake is 2years & 3 months old and has already had 2 homes through no fault of his own, so the next one must be his forever home. On the down side he had not been properly lead trained so is slowly learning not to pull and he was scared of loud noises but again that and his recall are improving. He is a big, extremely affectionate dog and absolutely loves children, is good with people in general, other dogs (even entire ones!) and bitches, cats, horses, donkeys, cattle and although he shows interest does not chase sheep. He has now been groomed, chipped, is up to date with his worming, vaccs, has been neutered and he is now ready for his new home. He is currently on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. If you can offer Drake a future in a loving forever home where he will be given a very active lifestyle, lead and some obedience training, please get in touch. Drake is a failed gundog and has a working (legally) half docked tail. We are currently restoring the levels of exercise he needs to rebuild his leg muscles, he is a very active boy.
  10. Hi Tell him to come visit us ON MULL! We have 2year old Drake at the moment.
  11. Another Scot here too, wow there's quite a few of us I see! Welcome to the Refuge Jinty
  12. OMG that poor wee lass what pain she must have endured. I hope she recovers well and enjoys the rest of her life with caring folk. I do wish you could post a name and address of the culprit, as I would love to pay that person a visit, rip the skin from their bones to see if they enjoyed the "sport"! An eye for an eye! I'm certain there are many on here who would accompany me!!
  13. Drontal wormer and Frontline are now available without a prescription from any of the internet veterinary pharmacies such as But for Drontal please make sure you weigh your pet correctly and give the correct dose for weight! Do check all the suppliers out before ordering, as pricewise they can vary substantially for the same product.
  14. Or how about the Loch Ness Cocker?
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