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So what's happening Pingu?

I am currently doing some tinkering behind the scenes to add in some features I want in place before I do the reorganisation.

during this time you may notice your member group changes, weird buttons appear.. and then vanish and slices of toast suddenly materialise before being eaten by a low flying puppy...

all is well and will be working fully over the next week.

rescue wise I have some really nice stuff going in that I hope will be of use to you for both re-homing and fundraising.. provided it all works properly of course...


Woody Wigglebum - Happiness Guaranteed!

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#1 Fee

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 09:29 PM

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Woody is a 13 year old small Lab cross (only measures about 16″ to his shoulders) who came into Oldies Club care because he'd had enough of living with a young child. Woody is in an Oldies Club foster home in Benson, Oxfordshire, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

Woody is an adorable, wiggly-bottomed, happy boy who is simply a joy to be with. He's so loving and undemanding that he will make a wonderful companion to someone with a quiet home.

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Settled quickly: Woody's foster mum tells us: Within 24 hours it was as if he had always been here. As soon as he found the sofa, he made himself right at home. He has been clean in the house since day one. He is fine to be left alone for a few hours but he would prefer someone to be home for part of the daytime as he loves human companionship. If left alone, he curls up on the sofa and goes to sleep. However, he does prefer it if Radio 4 is left on if he has to be left alone! On your return he greets you with a happy, wiggly bum and a smile. Woody is fine with strangers coming into the home and doesn't bark at the door.

Good with dogs: Woody is sharing his foster home with two larger dogs and he gets on great with them. However he does tend to get slightly nervous if a larger dog stands over him; he is not aggressive towards them though, he just backs off. He'd therefore be happiest if any canine companions were smaller, quiet and old, like him!

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Has lived with cats: Woody's previous owner told us that Woody has lived with cats in the past and was fine with them, but that he chases cats that aren't 'his'. In foster care, Woody has tried to chase cats on his walks. His foster mum would be happy to arrange some cat testing if this was important to a prospective adopter.

Needs a child-free home: Woody came into our care because he was very unhappy to be living with a young child. He had stiff joints for which he wasn't able to have medication and so he understandably didn't want a toddler grabbing at his tail. Woody therefore needs a home where there are no children under 16 and no children visiting regularly. This lovely lad just wants a quiet retirement home where he can have his own space.

Out and about: Woody loves his walks. He is very active and goes for two hour-long walks a day with smaller walks in the morning and evening, and still has buckets of energy left. He tends to pull slightly on the lead but soon calms down. Off lead he is great! He never gets too far away and always keeps you within his sights. His recall is perfect if you are stationary; if you are moving he takes that as a cue to carry on walking. He ignores dogs, but those he does meet he greets with a wiggly bum and carries on with his walk. In the car, Woody likes to settle down on a squishy bed so that he's nice and comfy. He has had car sickness but this seems to be prevented by avoiding feeding him before a journey.

Favourite pastimes: Woody loves to sleep on the sofa, as close to you as possible. He also loves his walks. He has been known to be partial to a game of fetch too, but will deny it if asked! Posted Image

Health notes: Woody is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Woody arrived in a pretty poor state. He was very overweight and had an ear and an eye infection. He also had a bad skin condition that was itchy and making his hair fall out in places. See below:

Posted Image

Due to the super care he's received in his foster home, he has already lost 1kg, and his skin is on the mend with the fur slowly growing back. He is currently having 2 or 3 baths per week and he may require a low dose of steroids in the future if he becomes itchy again. He will also need to have his ears cleaned a couple of times a week to help keep them nice and healthy. Due to his love of walking, getting Woody to his ideal weight should be straightforward if combined with a sensible diet.

At his vet-check the vet inspected a couple of lumps, but said to just to keep an eye on them in case they grow or change. The excess weight he has been carrying has put a strain on his joints and he is sometimes stiff when getting up. He is having Glucosamine for this and it is making a world of difference.

Woody's perfect home: Woody would love to live with someone who is home a fair bit, for maximum cuddle time. He needs a quiet home, perhaps with a smallish, quiet dog for company, but with no children to disturb his quiet time. He'd like to be active and go for lots of walks. His new owners will also need to be committed to continuing to care for his skin and ears and weight. And he'd also like a nice comfy sofa please!

Foster carer's summary: Woody is a small dog with a very big heart and a lot of love to share. He takes everything in his stride with a smile on his face and a wiggly bum. His wiggly bum will always bring a smile to your face no matter how hard a day you have had; he is such a happy boy and his happiness is contagious. He is a very undemanding dog, all he asks for is a few walks and a lap to fall asleep on. Woody doesn't look like much at the moment with his bald spots and being a bit tubby, but the work you put in with his baths and walks you will receive ten fold from Woody with kisses and loves. He really deserves a quiet home where he can retire to now. He is the most loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of fostering and will be sorely missed. Do you have a big Woody shaped hole in you heart?

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Have you got my best side?


If you can offer Woody a permanent home, please refer to our Adoption Proceduresfor information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

He can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, subject to a satisfactory home visit, but note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to meet him.

#2 ranirottie

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Posted 02 August 2010 - 04:30 PM

When Woody stayed here overnight he adored my 11 year old dog savvy grandson and followed him around the house and garden.He seemed to prefer him to anybody else and insisted on sitting on his feet :laugh: x

#3 Fee

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Posted 20 October 2010 - 11:23 PM

Dear Woody has now gone to his new home Posted Image