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  1. morning everyone loooooooong time since I've been on here I forgot my password and forgot the email address I registered with.....anyway, I hope everyone is Ok x
  2. merry xmas everyone, been a while since I've been able to get on here for those of you not on FB, I'm having a little boy in April certainly wasnt planned and we are still debating whether to sue the makers of the three types of contraception we were using to prevent it anyway, all is good. Dogs are well, job is reasonably ok, all good I've lived up here now for a year its been an up and down 15 months and I am looking forward to the New Year So is everyone relaxing over the festive period? x
  3. Laura if you ever get stuck for a housemate, my best mate is in London and always on the move! she currently lives in a house share in Tooting where the two people she shares with are bonking each other! x haha!!
  4. cheryl33


    Tarkers went to the bridge this morning. He's been unwell for a couple of weeks now due to a large lump on his neck :-( the vets had given him antibiotics but they didn't work Sleep well little one x
  5. I've stopped posting recently as I;ve been busy moving and cos I work funny shifts, but all my posts are doom and gloom about being skint all the time and hating men!. Reoccuring theme in my life so people get bored. I do on FB though as I get in on my phone x
  6. who was unkie keefe again? remind me?!
  7. cheryl33

    July Rmf

    I have issues finished things with a lovely lad I have been seeing cos I just can't be arsed. I don't a relationshi, prefer my own company. I actually used the line its not you, it me, cos it genuinely is
  8. cheryl33

    July Rmf

    Laura your son is hot
  9. cheryl33

    July Rmf

    eek Di, well update from Chezwah towers - we moved in last weekend. The good news is this house is paid for so no getting into arrears on the mortgage etc. I have signed a 12 month lease as well. Its a big huuuuge end terrace house, two beds with a small loft conversion guinea pigs out back too Anyway as drama usually follows me, this is what happened this week: 1) house was a state when I got the keys. We removed 6 bags of rubbish and put in the garden, the landlady called the previous tenant to remove it asap. It disappeared Monday morning 2) Last night when I got home from work there were 4 police cars and a CSI van at a neighbours house. There were there about 45 mins before a body was removed not sure what has happened yet 3) My car went in for its MOT work on Tuesday, I got it back today after an abusive phone call from the manager he'll be getting reported 4) 9am there was a knock at the door - 2 girls from the council reporting a flytipping report with some documents with my name on it it was the rubbish removed on Monday, along with the photos and letters etc we cleared up. I gave them the previous tenant's name, they went round and she admitted it was her anyway hope everyone is good
  10. cheryl33


    I have nightmares/sleep walk quite frequently and in the past I have been known to scream the house is on fire, tried to cook pasta (burn on my arm) and the scariest one I punched my ex clean in the face whilst asleep. The impact and him crying in pain woke me up. No idea why I did it xx
  11. urgh think am getting a cold or something. Run down with all thats gone over the last few weeks.
  12. well what can I say about Molly......she winds me up something rotten and causes me so much worry (eg jumping out the car and running into a car is one example ), shredding my bedding, shredding her bed, shredding Henry's bed, jumping up at every single person she meets.....but I love her to bits, as does grumpy sod Henry. Its been quite a year for Molly but she has wagged her tail through out. Happy gotcha day for tomorrow and also happy birthday as we don't know the exact date!
  13. Snow I feel your pain re neighbours. I've had loads of probs in the last few weeks with the people who live below me. I cannot wait to get out of this fecking flat. - They have called the RSPCA out twice on me in the 6 months I have been here to report the 6 big dogs I have - They bang on the walls whenever I move from one room to the next - I have had notes stuck through the door asking me to stop my children crying (???) - I have had to bring Tarquin as they throw empty beer bottles in the garden they are stupid imbeciles. They have peed me off in the last 30 mins as they are arguing and slamming doors ETA: Sam, what sort of dog is Midge? SHes lovely! x
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