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  1. At this moment in time, hubby has refused to let me foster/help out as he said I am still too cut up to be of any use to anyone. I was really angry at first as I thought he was being so unreasonable but have become to realise that he is right as just seeing reminders of Rosie still cuts me up and makes me cry. So seeing Whizzie's wise words I shall now bide my time and hope that I will be 'in the right place at the right time'
  2. Hi Everyone, 9 weeks ago today I lost my little girl Rosie to a cancerous throat tumour. I came home and deleted The Refuge and Dog pages vowing that the pain was so horrendous that I just couldn't face being part of the forums anymore. However, in the last couple of days I have realised that both these forums and their members were very special to me during the 10 years Rosie and I were together. You gave me advise when I needed it and asked nothing in return and were content to allow me to sit on the sidelines and dip in every now and again. So today I would like to be part of your lives once again and whilst I don't want to have another dog (work commitments don't allow) I would like to be part of you all once more so therefore is there anything I can do to help out? I live in Mitcham in Surrey and wonder if I could foster some small furies maybe. I don't feel that I could help out at a rescue as although I was a mum to Rosie I do have a fear of dogs, not all just some. Looking forward to hearing from you xxxxx
  3. After packing your suitcase don't fasten it with a padlock. Instead use a cable tie and trim it off once done. Keep a couple in your hand bag in case you need to replace it at customs and also for the return journey. Happy holidays
  4. That is so very very funny. Thanks for sharing it lol xxx
  5. Hi Sam, I am applying for the ticket office for South West Trains. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. This will be my 3rd interview (last 2 unrelated) and both times I have gone in full of confidence and happiness and failed both times Getting a bit despondent now
  6. Thank you both. YOOHOO Sam, please can you offer me some advise? The vacancy is for the ticket office
  7. I'm so sorry but I have forgotten your name. I have just applied and wondered if you had any tips
  8. Nige, I'm so sorry for all your losses. I can understand that at times when you want a hug and put yourself 'out there' and get nothing back in return it can hurt so much but please understand this, there are all different people on this forum and we all interact like pieces of a jigsaw. Everyone one of us goes into making up the border and then one by one we all slot into place with what we can offer. Those that are around and can offer hugs, come forward. Those that are around that can offer advise, come forward. However, there are some of us that can only afford to just 'pop in' every now and again, read and then pop out again. I am one of those that 'pop in and out'. I don't have the experience to help with the 'problem solving' so never respond to those posts but I will respond to the 'hugs required' posts when I do pop in. So NIge please don't think that we all don't care as there are some very loyal people on this forum and although I no longer have the time to visit as often as I would like I know that if I post that I need a hug I will get a hug and if I need advise I will get advise. So Nige, from me to you I give you a very big hug and I hope that day by day, month by month, year by year your 'load' gets lighter and you can look back with fondness and look forward in antisipation of what is to come Love Tisaann xxx
  9. I put Rosie on chappie as I know that she is over weight and hoped it would help. However, she doesn't like it and goes without so I think I will have to put her back on Naturediet. I did have her on wee box which she will eat but it looks as if it has a high fat content (not sure though if anyone knows the answer)
  10. Tisaann

    Fleas - Help !

    I have seldom used flea deterrant on Rosie and in all her 10 years she has only has the odd one or two. I always comb Rosie with a flea comb and comb her every other day (cavalier king charles spaniel) and 'touch wood' and to date I have been so very lucky
  11. YOOHOOITSMEAGAIN...............BUMP!
  12. Good on you for booking and I hope you have a wonderful time. Just one word of warning tho. When I was on the beach one day I found a small shell that I decided to take home as a keepsake and packed it nice and snug in the suitcase. On the coach journey to the airport the fella that says about I hope you enjoyed the holiday blah de blah then said about it is illegal to take anything from the beaches as they are all man made and it is forbidden to take shells ect. Oh how hubby and I sweated when the case went through the x-ray machine. I was as terrified as if I had a case full of drugs. Thankfully we got home and the first thing I did was to throw away the shell that was no bigger than my fingernail. HAPPY HOLS!
  13. Just before Christmas I went into Pets at home and brought some nail clippers. They were called guillotine clippers. However, when I got home and went to use them I didn't have the confidence as they were so different from the nail clippers that I usually use so I didn't bother. Then today I clipped Rosie's claw with the clipper and she always tries to pull away so I thought I would brave up and give these a go. They work a treat and cut through the nail so smoothly that Rosie just lay there falling asleep she was so chilled out with them. The normal clippers have now been put back in the bathroom and I shall ALWAYS use these new ones. They only cost about £7.00 and is money well spent
  14. We went there a few years ago. We stayed at a hotel called Tropicana and went all inclusive. The hotel is very impressive and VERY clean with nice food as well. The entertainment was just ok. though. The are 2 pools and a short walk down the hill to the private beach which supplies the towels. The water is warm and very healing if you have eczema. Our holiday coincided with another countries annual holiday (can't remember who, russian I think) and they are the rudest people on the planet. If you are not going to go to Cairo ect then don't bother getting any visa's at the airport. We got them thinking it was compulsory to have them but never used them. Also if you go into the big town then you will get hassled to buy from everyones shops. One amusing thing was that when we got to the hotel, those brits that smoked got off the coach and went to one side to puff away before going in. However they were soon herded through the doors by the hotel staff saying that in their country you were allowed to smoke inside the building. I would say that if you can go then do so but make sure you do stay at one that has a walk straight down to its own beach. There are plenty of them but not all.
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