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  1. That is terrible. The cows and horses have completely vegetarian diets and the farmer owns/rents the land. Dogs mostly have meat based poo which is feckin awful where animals are grazing and especially awful stuck in horses hooves.
  2. male long coat classic markings in black and white thin stripe on head large red leather collar done mega tight no tags edgworth near; bolton, bury, blackburn, darwen not sure if neutered, daren't check.
  3. I thought Guy Clare was the opthalmologist there? Unless he has left. Good luck
  4. All the best advice is to BUY NOTHING until joined and chatted with your local astronomy club. A good pair of binoculars can view just as much as most of the rubbish telescopes. We paid over 200 quid for one child a few years ago, and they STILL were no good.
  5. Black mould is entirely due to condensation. Decrease your airborne water as much as poss. 1. Lids on pans 2. kitchen door shut whilst cooking 3. don't dry clothes insidehouse on radiators or hung up AT ALL 4. extractor fan in bathroom .............and don't use calor gas appliances, every kilo of gas used puts out one kilo of water (that is one litre)
  6. :GroupHug: :GroupHug: hoping for much better news
  7. 35k is guaranteed by the govt. tories are pushing for it to be raised to 50k. these measures are needed to prevent mass withdrawal of funds as this is one of the crisis causes.
  9. Where are they from please? gorjuss.
  10. just didn't want the tax man to take all your extra bit and make it not worth it. oh another thing, lodgers usually have no rights whatsoever so try and word the agreements in a way that protects you but doesn't give them extra rights.
  11. Does the man from inland revenue take a cut for the higher income? There is a tax free lodging deal but it is about 4and a bit k.
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