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Border Collie Stolen

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Mika is a stunning border collie stolen from her owners garden.



Mika has been stolen, we need to do everything possible to ensure she gets home safely. She was taken from our back garden early yesterday morning, and we were subsequently burgled last night. It is for this reason that we believe Mika was taken to prevent her from barking and waking us during the break in.



If this has happened, she has probably been dumped and has gone without food or shelter since 9.30am yesterday morning. Please tweet and retweet, share on your Facebook, email it as a circular-get this post out to everyone you know. My children have lost their dog, their Christmas presents, and the feeling of safety in their own home.



Please help to restore some of their faith in humanity!


As you can see, Mika is a tri-coloured Border Collie. She is almost 6 months old and is wearing a red collar. She was stolen from Wheatley, Doncaster on 28/12/2010 at approximately 9.30am




This is the posting from their facebook page, can I ask your help to find Mika?

Other information is that Mika has been offered for sale on a website, that advert has now been withdrawn. Any info from anyone please.

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