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[wiki] Dogstar Foundation

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Article title: Dogstar Foundation

Article description: Providing Free Veterinary care for dogs and cats in Sri Lanka

Category: Welfare\Rescue Organisations

Date added: Dec 28 2007, 11:33 PM

Article starter: Happylittlegreensquirrel


The Dogstar Foundation was founded in 2006 to provide free veterinary care to dogs and cats in the Kegalle area of Sri Lanka and has expanded to other areas via a series of mobile clinics

The animals that 'check in' to our clinics are not just pets, but also the local 'community' dogs (in the UK, we would call them strays). Un-neutered and unvaccinated Companion animals (pets) and community animals interact daily and this creates an ideal environment for the spread of diseases and unwanted pregnancies.


Private Clinics offering neutering & spaying of pets are not widespread in majority of the country ,where they are the costs are often to high for owners so there is an ever-increasing population of dogs and cats and these animals are overwhelming the resources of the local communities.


By providing free neutering, spaying clinics we are helping reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens we also offer DHL (Distemper Hepatitis Leptospirosis) vaccine to and most importantly ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccine) to all animals at our clinics to help prevent the spread of diseases to both the animal and human population.


People and animals are dying every year in Sri Lanka from bites, a scratch or even the saliva from an animal infected with Rabies, it is an entirely preventable death. The Dogstar Foundation will be supporting World Rabies Day in September 2008 by offering additional vaccination clinics during September to communities most in need.


We also provide other veterinary services for these animals free of charge, which is crucial. What would be considered a minor cut in the UK is a major problem in hotter climates, where infections can rage out of control very quickly. Skin parasites such as fleas and ticks are also treated as are skin condition such as mange.


We are always appealing for medicines, medical sundries, scrubs, bandages, medical equipment that will help us make a difference to the dogs and cats of Sri Lanka.


The Dogstar Foundation works in conjunction with the Clinical Sciences Department of the University of Peradeniya where all Sri Lankas vets under go training, we also work with existing Sri Lanka animal welfare organisations including the Millennium Elephant Foundation in Kegalle who have provided us with invaluable support and have been able to direct us to communities in need of our assistance.


The Dogstar Foundation also work with a small Temple in Randenyia , The Monk and his 2 young Samanera ( Novices ) care for a number of stray dogs and puppies that are left by people unable to care for them. Dogstar Foundation support them by making regular food donations, providing free veterinary care and have carried out 2 sterilisation clinics in 2007 to prevent the temple animals breeding further.


In November 2007 the Dogstar Foundation made a grant available to assist a local vet open his own permanent Clinic in the Kegalle area, the clinic will offer some subsided and free treatments paid for by us.


Our website site is designed to help you find out more about the work that we're doing, so have a look around. To find out the latest news and updates, you can check out our 'blog links' section, which has updated blogs from many of the people who make this work possible. You can also follow the 'Patient' blog, where we document the progress of some of the animals that come to the clinic.


When you look around the site, you'll see that these dogs and cats aren't so different to those we're used to seeing in our homes. You can help the Dogstar Foundation give these dogs and cats the care they deserve.


Dogstar Foundation, PO BOX 6009, Milton Keynes , MK1 9AL

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