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  1. Hello guys Sorry you lost George Yantan xx
  2. Just looking at my profile I joined in November 2005 Does that mean I get a Gold Watch? LOL!
  3. I am so sorry I had no idea She was a lovely lady Another good one gone x
  4. being able to pay my mortgage to keep a roof over my head, having my job and my animals. Yes I struggle sometimes but can pay my bills. I speak to people on a daily basis losing homes and their jobs with debt etc. Makes me thankful for my life. My health may not be good but I have a home and a bed to sleep in. That makes me thankful x
  5. Hi guys, sorry not been here for a while. Lots of you know me on Facebook. For those that don't I lost my dear Dad July 2015 and I was devastated. Now my health is not too good. My kidney function is down to 16% and am going through various tests for a transplant and also decided on the type of Dialysis which is best for me to keep working and look after Bear and Sammy my Parrot dad said to have if anything ever happened to him. I am going to have a read over the forum and pop in from time to time. I am not ignoring people it is just with work etc and making sure Bear and Sammy are well cared for I get not much time for anything else xx
  6. So very sorry Snow, I came on here to say my thoughts are with you and yours. :GroupHug: No words are enough in this situation. I know what you are going through xx
  7. Nige, so sorry I missed this post hun. I don't get on here very often but am thinking if you xx
  8. Hi Nige, am still around just not as often online here any more. x
  9. To all and especially to your Mum Snowy one. Sorry am not here as often as I'd like to be I was in hospital for 2 weeks, then Dad was in for a week and what with work and my 3 doglets I am bushed Working full time now too so rely on ex and B/F in the day to sort dogs other than that I race home dinner time to sort etc. Not ideal I know but sadly need to work to pay bills etc
  10. redditchlady

    Dog Wheels

    Thanks hun, to be honest it did shock me how he changed so quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his wheels though as in all fairness they are excellent. It is a shame his attitude was so bad sadly x
  11. redditchlady

    Dog Wheels

    I indeed did have wheels for Max from Jim. He was great with Max, met up with him for a fitting and Jim dropped them over to Redditch while he was en route to Coventry to fit them. However!! I had to send a cheque for £150 to a lady for them which was duly done. Ok, maybe my fault but rightly or wrongly I assumed once cheque was sent it would all be ok. I didn't check the bank account and the cheque had not been cashed. *It had got lost in the post I think* The first thing I knew was a ranting email from Jim asking me to send the wheels back as he accused me of trying to have them for nothing:( I called him once I had checked my bank, resent another cheque to the lady so it got sorted. However, the email that was sent really upset me as I was amazed that *such a pleasant* man could change so quickly without at least calling me first. x
  12. Have to agree with Thornit, Max and Korky both got recurring infections till I found out about it. I still use it now with Ozzy x
  13. Thanks guys, she was a very special long term foster to myself and my ex.
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