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Pet Passport Advice Needed

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I have a friend on another internet forum who is coming home to the UK from the US later this year with her partner and their dog. She has been trying to ensure that their dog, Angel, conforms to all the pet passport requirements and is very, very keen that Angel doesn't have to go into quarantine because of any possible mistake on her part.

I asked her for the details and this is what she had to say:

Angel already has an EU Pet Passport. She was born in the Netherlands. We travelled back from the Netherlands to the UK in September 2007, After Angel had her Rabies vaccination and Titre test done (requirement of movement of animals in the EU), However, stupid me, did not check her pet passport properly when I sent her over to the USA just before I came over. She had to have another rabies vaccination which was sadly 7 months late, done on 16th September 2008 valid for three years until 15th September 2011. Sadly because of this fiasco, she has had to undergo another rabies titre test, which was done on 18th January 2010, and now we wait from the date of the blood draw for six calendar months, then 24/48 hours before we leave she has to undergo tick and tapeworm treatment with Frontline given by our vets here..


Now this is the problem... I have contacted Animal Quarantine at Heathrow.. One lady has told me Angel's EU Pet Passport is now invalid because of having to redo the titre test. and we have to get a USDA form done aka EU998, which is the same as the Pet Passport, which in turn costs more monies and the Government Vet here is over 4 hours away...

And then this morning this lady gets an email from Heathrow Animal Reception Centre which states:

You do not need separate Health Certificate (EU998) if all the details are put in the passport. But we will require to see, apart from entry into the passport, separate Rabies Vaccination Certificates for any rabies vaccination that has been given outside EU.


As to the blood test – we need to see the original blood test result that Kansas lab will send you and the date of blood draw should be on it.


To spare you worries I would advise you to fax (email) your paperwork (copies of the passport) to us so we can have a look at them in advance and let you know if you need anything else.


Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more queries.


Kind regards


Andrew *******

Veterinary Inspector

Okay so I have scanned and copied everything from Angels Pet Passport, all dates of vaccinations, the old titre test, the receipt for the rabies vaccination done in the UK, can't produce the new titre test as we haven't gotten it back from the Lab in Kansas yet, usually takes three weeks and emailed all paperwork to him


So as you can see I am totally confused... Though I checked out PETS 9 and will quote what it says there for you so you have it all in one place..


Late rabies booster vaccination

If your pet has missed a rabies booster vaccination date (i.e.

it was administered after its due date) since the blood sample

was drawn, your pet will need to have another blood test

before it can re-enter the UK. As noted above, this can be

done either in the UK or in another qualifying country. Your

vet will make the following entry at the back of your pet


“Rabies booster vaccination not given on time. Before this

animal can re-enter the UK, a further blood sample will have

to be taken and sent to an EU-approved laboratory for a

rabies blood test. If the result is satisfactory, the animal may

re-enter the UK 6 calendar months after the date the blood

sample was taken.â€


Our vet here Jackie has done exactly as stated above, put this onto the last page of the Pet Passport...


I am just getting no where very fast and giving myself a massive headache in doing so... We want to make sure everything is done by the books, so she won't go into quarantine nor be re imported... It would truly break her heart and ours, as she does so hate to be away from us both.

Can anyone fathom this out? Any help at all would be fab flowers.gif

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As long as the Kansas lab is EU approved, she should just be able to have the old passport filled in, with the info at the back, and the new test results on the page next to the initial results (page 9 in my passport). The section is there for people who have to redo the process.

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I don't know if things have changed, but a few years ago the US was one of the countries that you couldn't bring a dog directly into the UK from without it undergoing quarantine. My dad's friend got around this by taking the dog to Canada first and then flying from Canada to the UK (sorry if that's confused things even more) flowers.gif

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i would do what the heathrow vet person suggested and fax them everything, the stuff you have now when you get the report back from the lab and then get them to reply to you in writing and if necessary forward their reply to an official defra person and get written confirmation your dog is allowed in. Possibly get them to contact RCVS too.Just get as much as they can in writing and make sure they take all this with them when they travel

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