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  1. I have come to the conclusion that the ONLY benefit to my job is the recently introduce 40% discount at the bar, a pint for £2.05, with work being so rotten it's much needed
  2. I am in Runcorn today . . . to do customer surveys *yawn* . . . it was my day off . . . I am not impressed. . . If I get signed up for anymore focus groups without being asked its quite possible I'm going to suffer some form of Hulk-ish rage induced rampage
  3. Yay Jayne, braver than I, I hate being on the other side of the camera! Oh Loobie that sounds like a disastrous situation RMF: I would like to quit my job the management have introduce a whole new management style and its so heavy handed and rotten, it's not the nicest of jobs to being with but now it's just unbearable! I managed 3 hours before I asked to go home today
  4. Morning! Today is a work day only a 6hr shift so can't complain too much. I've met some fab people online Loobie (and one total nut job) just keep it casual until you've weeded out all crazies RMF:The sun, the actual SUN is out today!! I'm trying to keep it on the DL encase it gets scared off! So ssshhhhh
  5. Morning. RMF: I love Mondays as they are my day off ^_^
  6. Murtle, I'm still working in a cinema, it couldn't be more depressing! It's going really slow as well and I just want to go home
  7. Have a lovely day Snow hope you get to see your Mother today Owl. Good luck at the dentist Sam Today I am mostly not wanting to go to work, the only passion I have for my job is hating it I keep telling myself "it's only 7 hours" but it's going to be the most boring of 7 hours you can imagine . . . Pfft!
  8. I'm so very sorry Alex, I had everything crossed for better news
  9. lots of good thoughts for Max, hope he's back home and on the mend ASAP!
  10. Alex, how big is the sofa? Lots of good thoughts for the pups. I love Mondays, Mondays are my day off, I've had a lie in, just about to take Rufus out and then I'm going for sushi The OH has taken quite a shine to Rufus I came in the room last night to find them both snuggled up on the bed having kisses it was the girliest thing I've seen him do to date
  11. for your friend and poorly dogs, lots of good thoughts for them. I wouldn't call it the high life or mingling with stars it's just not as glamorous as it sounds! You have hours of waffling to endure about promos and films in pre-production, sales forecasts and lots of power point nonesense!
  12. I am really bored, really cold and I really want to go home! RMF: Meeting Minnie Driver is just not going to be one of those memorable "life events"! I must be the only person who hates attending movie premieres, marketing is now being scrubbed from my CV so I never have to do it again! Or visit London! I did quite like the red carpet and waving to the press like I was "important" and telling them my dress was designed by George however I did by chance, join the no nukes protest outside the Japanese Embassy so I at least did something useful!
  13. Can anyone gives some suggestions on supplements for older dogs with stiff joints please? Phoenix seems to be extra wonky lately and he doesn't enjoy his walks so much anymore
  14. I'm a little traumatised by The Snowman and The Snowdog! I've put Scrooged on now, I know what to expect from that! I've escaped the clutches of work and have retired to the OHs house (as his in nicer than main and has its own bar ). Wishing everyone a happy Christmas xxxx
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