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  1. Another infrequent update! I have now lost almost 6 and a half stone (88lbs), I decided to take the summer holidays off so only lost 2lbs during them and I'm now back on plan to get to goal
  2. I'm not overly keen on my name, all through school I was a Nicky which in my teen years became Nicki or Nickie, but as an adult I find Nicky immature and childish and insist on being Nicola or Nic, if I'd been graced with a middle name I'd probably be tempted to use it assuming I liked it better of course! thankfully neither parent got their first naming choice, my mother wanted to call me Laura but decided when I arrived I didn't look like a Laura and apparently I was due on my great grandmothers birthday 11th Oct so my father wanted to name me after her Lillian!!! thankfully I was 11 days late Nicola I gather was my mothers choice but she wanted it spelt Nichola and my father got it wrong My eldest hates his name Kyle and says he wishes I'd just given him a boring common name (use your middle name son that's Andrew!) and Thomas loves his name which is dead boring and common, there are 2 Thomas' a Tom and a Tommy in his year at school although Tommy is a girl
  3. Haven't really thought about how I feel I am on about my second new wardrobe, although I am still clinging onto a pair of cargo crops that are way huge!, but have a drawstring waist and are still well comfy for dossing around the house TBH I don't really see much of a difference, a friend says I've lost loads in my face, and I can obviously see it clothes wise but I don't see much change in the mirror if you get what I mean Thankyou for your wonderful comments
  4. I'm so pants at updating here! I have now lost 78lbs or 5st 8lbs Haven't a clue why its put the second and third pics sideways!
  5. Not even half way there yet only another 3lbs to the halfway point
  6. Sorry for the infrequent updates but for anyone interested I've now lost 5 stone exactly still on Cambridge on week 22 this week and moved to 810 from last week as I wasn't taking in enough calories so the weight loss had stalled Well done Annie you look absolutely fab
  7. I STS last week (damn water retention!) but lost 5lbs this week which has now got my BMI into the 30's
  8. 2lb for me again this week, seems to be my magic number Well done to the other losers
  9. Have lost 2lb this week, but its only been 5 days between WI's
  10. I wasn't intending posting any
  11. TBH I can't really see it I spose it because I see me all the time and its a gradual thing, although I did get my CDC to email me the pic she took of me on my first visit and didn't I just get a shock when I opened that email Well done to everyone else
  12. Try not to panic, I never thought I'd survive being in France for 5 days without scales and not having a WI with my CDC for 16 days but it was a breeze really and I lost 8lb to boot
  13. I haven't updated here for ages!, but I weighed in today after not weighing in since 30/3 and having a week off on hols and have lost 8lb Which now puts my total lost at 53lbs
  14. I lost 4lbs this week so that's now 36lbs
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