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  1. having chased a patient round the grounds in the sun-my friend said to my colleague-you dont sweat much for a fat lass do ya? i watched the silence descend.... fee
  2. can i recommend Laurie King-beautifully written-totally engrossing-just finished Folly cant go wrong with george macdonald fraser-his macuslan in the rough had me crying with laughter and his memories of being in Burma-quatered safe out here- was deeply moving...and as for the Flashman series-an absolute classic try Evelyn waugh-sword of honour-based on his time as a very bad soldier-very funny and moving without ever being sentimental or-and i always recommend this-winifred holtby-south riding-this is one of The best books ever written and it saddens me deeply that she is not better known- if you like cats-try Lillian jackson Braun-the cat Who...series cant go wrong if you like Roman history with working class bite-historically accurate but funny and very real-you will Never look at Roman life in the same way again!-try Lynsey davis (Falco books) lastly if you dont object to a bit of very steamy sex in your books-try JR ward-Black Dagger Brotherhood books-fab series-every single person i have lent the first one to has bought the series within the week! fee
  3. very sad to hear this-she was much loved. be at peace fee
  4. hello peeps...sorry i havent been around for erm-well a damn long time! but im here now-so hello! fee ps both Michael and lilo lil are both still here!
  5. i was told that if i couldnt look after a long haired dog-i shouldnt have one-as it was cruel to shave his coat off. Afghans should have a coat or they look all sad-pointing to my saluki. Granted-he has the face for sad fee
  6. i was happily reading Empire (film review mag) as i quite like a gd film-im more a reader but there you go. I read a review for The Human Centipede (in essence mad scientist attaches the mouths of a number of unfortunates to the anus of the person in front-thus forming a centipede...) Now-im pretty broad minded-i like a bit of erotica, i dont object to nudity, and im pretty much against censorship...but am i really alone in finding the current trend in torture porn (saw/hostel etc) as faintly disturbing-and perhaps more importantly that others find it OK to sit on a saturday night with their beloved-popcorn in one hand whilst watching someone else have their eyes drilled out? that rape/humiliation & torture are really entertainment? i have tried-but i really dnt get the "entertainment" -maybe in jaded having worked with violence most of my adult life-and so i dont see anything even vaguely entertaining in t. Is it me? am i being small minded and over exaggerating the relative importance of such films.. any views? fee
  7. fee4


    she & you are an inspiration . she didnt give up-and you (despite all her difficulties) have never given up on her. fee
  8. fee4

    Peggy Is 10 Today

    still beautiful-and i love your home-decorated with books, hounds and contented women.... fee
  9. sorry i havent been around much-work has been a .....treasure. can i please have some good thoughts for Michael, my adored and beloved boy. he is off for surgery on Monday to have a growth removed....the vet hopes it is benign-but if it turns out to have spread I have already decided to let him go whilst under. he was and remains a traumatised boy-and i wont put him through being interfered with by strange is his greatest fear.... cheers fee
  10. yes they have the right to be heard in a democracy. to roughly papaphrase Churchill-i may fundamentally disagree with everything you stand for , but i would fight to the death for your right to say it fee
  11. i have been to Rigby & pellar Fantastic-the last time my somewhat ample chest was in this position-i was 18! i will be going back-it was just brilliant-expensive-but what service... fee
  12. fee4


    thinking of you on the lonely path of grief fee
  13. ian-when i worked in hackney-the hospital had its own beat officer. i have been trained in breakaway technique/restraint-and previosuly riot control we have some security we have alarm bells. you keep saying it Shouldnt happen-& unions etc should stop "it" happening does not affect the reality-that violence is meeted out daily to Emergency workers in this country. I choose to work in mental health-i did not choose to be the punching bag for societys ills. yes-i accept a certain level of abuse comes with my job-but the levels of voilence are now at the stage where we are struggling to find nurses/social workers who Will work in the worst areas. The attitude that you chose to do the job-so get on with it hardly attracts people to work in these areas: you then end up in a viscious spiral of low staffing/too many agency staff-and increase of violence so even more regular staff leave. the levels of abuse that i find acceptable to work within (and lets be honest-i have largely worked in inner city acute/intensive care/prisons-so im no delicate flower_!) is now the norm-not the exception- if people like me leave the profession-who precisely is going to care for the psychotic drug user running down bexleyheath high street tomorrow? fee ps the man who was eating himself-has curently stopped.....and the chap that gave me the tirade of abuse is now beginning to calm down on his medication-will luck and a following wind he will be returning home to his wife in the next few weeks......
  14. Michael has a poor paw-he has developed weeping dermatitis on his wrist (above pad) vet thinks likely allergy to the wheat field stubble. deeply unimpressed by having cream rubbed in..... my beautiful, beautiful boy fee
  15. recent research has shown that nurses are one of The most At Risk professions. Much as i would like to think positively when dealing with the general public-my experience is to assume the worst. i was assaulted by a patients husband-who hit me over the head with a chair when i asked his wife if she was taking any medication. i was badly bitten by a drug addict (my colleague lost his grip during a restraint) my HIV testing /counselling was great fun i have had a drug user stab me with a used needle-my second round of HIV and hepatitis counselling was even more fun the second time today-i helped break up a fight-the abuse went as follows " f*** you, you f****** fat c***-im going to f****** kill you-im going to rip your tits off and rape your f****** children" Joyous wheni worked in inner city acute/intensive care psychiatry-serious danger was and is a daily occurance. i came into the profession -niave though it may now sound-because i genuinely believed i could make a difference to peoples lives. Do you know what? i still believe that i can and i do. But I never, never underestimate the risk that we as the emergency services take in just trying to do our jobs. fee
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