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    love all dogs and doggy things, special feelings for collies,labs and gsd.<br /><br />im very lucky to work with dogs and love my job.<br /><br />all spare time is spent with my seven year black lab,biff

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  1. She does have eye balls behind them lids then ! I'm not used to pointy things either but she is lovely, looks and sweet personality.
  2. Shes pretty but yes very skinny,thanks so much for taking her Bekki
  3. Funny Fee, Blind Tom is on my list Im really tempted with Trudie from OC but have also had my head turned by Henry the small x who has been quite a while waiting too Just realised Im miles late for this so turn it into new years wish !!
  4. Thank you for the leads they arrived Thursday
  5. san53200

    New Arrival

    Very handsome dog he does look like a wire coat or is that the photos? I hope he is improving still each day and your household can relax a bit, thank you both for taking him in I hate to think of the old boy having another winter outside
  6. What a lovely bunch to have in the back of any car
  8. Thanks for including this Mel, I was worring about my Graf who is snappy if boydogs/puppies charge up to him, hes a sweetheart with people and girlies
  9. Im coming looking forward to meeting everyone, just booked b&b
  10. san53200


    We have been having good fun with playful Roxy, she is a real sweetie New video on her page
  11. san53200


    Roxy is doing a little better with fitting in to her strange new world, I don't think we have seen her true personality yet as I get a glimpse of it on her walks which she loves, People just can't believe shes 14, she runs around like a pup then turns into an old lady again when she gets in ! She still thinks Graf is beneath her Im afraid
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