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2 Patterdales Needing A Home

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Hi All,

We are in the unfortunate position of having to look for new homes for our 2 Patterdale Terriers.

We are happy for them to be rehomed together or separately .

Our priority is that they are happy and safe.

We have a 5 year old bitch called Magners. Mags has been spayed and is fit, well and a very happy dog.

Mags is sociable with other dogs and loves and adores people…old, young, she loves everyone!

She lives with us in the house and can be left alone …she just sleeps.

She is very happy to walk on a lead.

Mags has a quiet, gentle temperament , she is very content with life and happy in her own skin.


Ozwald is 2 years old and has been castrated. He is also fit and well and very happy with life!

Oz was hit by a car when he was 1 so he is missing his front teeth. He otherwise made a full recovery from the incident.

Oz also loves people but can get overexcited if ‘wound up’ so a home with young children may not be ideal.

He also lives with us in the house, has perfect manners and loves to be fussed.

Oz is happy to walk on a lead but we find an extending one works best to cope with his enthusiasm !

Both dogs love a good car trip and are both ‘tractor trained’ to travel in the cab without getting under the pedals.

Mags and Oz’s downfall is they will go hunting if they are free to roam.

For this reason, they need a terrier proof garden, which we do not have.

They have recently been involved with a neighbouring farmer’s sheep hence we find ourselves in this heartbreaking position.

Please get in touch if you or anyone you know may be interested in having either or both of our dogs on loan.

We are not looking for any payment for them.

We will always have the dogs back if you, or they, are not happy with the arrangement, at any time in the future.

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