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[wiki] Oldies Club Charity

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Article title: Oldies Club

Article description: UK Wide Registered Charity

Category: Welfare\Rescue Organisations

Date added: Dec 29 2007, 06:09 PM

Article starter: staffymad


The Oldies Club was formed on an internet dog chat forum by a large group of people who felt great empathy with the plight of elderly dogs that end up in rescue centres all over the country.


The initial inspiration behind the idea was a 13-year-old collie we called Ted. Ted was blind in one eye and was terrified in the noisy, stark kennel environment. He had to stay in kennels as a stray for 7 days but when no owner came forward to claim him, steps were taken to get Ted into a domestic situation immediately. Once in a foster home Ted thrived, the skinny dull-coated nervous boy became a healthy, active and rejuvenated character and became a star of the internet.


Ted’s story generated so much support and sympathy that this old boy who nobody had wanted soon had many offers of loving permanent homes. It was felt that this support and enthusiasm could be channelled into helping other dogs in Ted’s situation.


So the Oldies Club was born in March 2005.


We help rehoming oldies from our own foster homes but also list oldies for other rescues across the UK and if needed, help with transporting and home checking for oldies for other rescues.


We are a volunteer based charity who is run by a 11 people strong committee who are the engine behind the oldies club, however the true club is all our supporters who help daily with transporting, home checking, fostering, fundraising and spreading the word of oldies in need.


The Oldies Club rehomes dogs across the UK as long as a home check can be done and the adopter is prepared to travel and meet the oldie in our foster home.


All oldies coming into our care are neutered (unless already done or a medical reason why we can't), micro chipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and full health check. If they need any other medical treatment then we get this done prior to adoption.


There are times when a oldie in our care is terminally ill and can't be rehomed and those stay in a long term foster home as a sponsor dog until it is their time to cross over the bridge.


Like all charities, we are self funded by the generousity of the public and do not get any goverment funding.


If you feel like you have a oldie shaped hole in your life why not visit our website ( and we are sure that there is a suitable one in our care or in one of the many rescue centres across the UK.


Oldies Club - Helping older dogs find forever homes

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