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  1. Wow. She's like a different dog! Well done to the rescue team and Chester's owner. Chester is a very lucky doggy indeed.
  2. Aww hun you never failed him. You set him free. Guilt is natural and comes along with grief but please don't blame yourself. You were there for him, regardless of whether you could touch him or not. You never left him and was there for him until the end. Max would of known this. He would of thanked you no doubt for ending the suffering he was in. You done everything in your power to make him feel comfortable near the end. R.I.P Max.
  3. WelshG


    Thank you all. They are my babies. Especially my little one, Princess. I spoil them way too much
  4. Location of the dog North Wales. Gwynedd area. Age of the dog She is five (5) years old. Breed of the dog Jack Russell Dog has been neutered? Yes she has been fixed. Is the dog is up to date with vaccinations? Yes up to date with jabs and has been de-flead and dewormed (is ready to be dewormed again in the next week). Whether the dog is fine to be around other dogs/cats/small furries/children No to other other dogs, untested on cats, no to small furries. Yes to older children. Photos of the dog Bear with me this is going to be long and detailed but I want to make sure any potential new owners fully grasp what Chaz is like. Chaz is a typical JRT - lively, bouncy, playful, stubborn, eager to learn, loyal and quite a handful! Very playful, loves to play ball. Enjoys walking long distances. Chaz also likes finding things for you to throw for her - toilet rolls, stones from outside, bits of cardboard etc. Basically anything she finds is a toy to her and she will not give up until you play. She can play ball for two hours at a time. Very annoying if you have chores to do She's very affectionate, bit of a face-licker (I'm currently training her to stop that), loves attention and wants to be the centre of your world. Like most dogs, Chaz is a scavenger. Always begging for food. Forever wanting what you are eating. I'm feeding her half a chub roll a day, treats and the odd bit of human food. But saying that, she will eat any brand of dog food. She does love her chub though. She also loves human biscuits. Chaz is a bit on the porky side (my fault). The last few days, for her own safety, I haven't took her out. There is a big GSD on the loose and it's well known for attacking dogs. Now for the bad side to my lovely little terror : When I had Chaz a year ago, she came to me as a farmdog who was quite uncontrollable with many, many issues. Most of these issues have been ironed out. She still tries to attack other dogs but that's simple to remedy - a good lead and a muzzle (though personally I haven't ever muzzled her just kept her on a short leash). The problem is, she bit my partner the other month when he went to answer the door. She has a dislike for men. As a result, he wants her gone. Completely understandable of course. I've given myself a month to find her a home or I will have to lean on rescues (this I don't want to do - they have enough to deal with). She gets on fine with my young children (they know not to pick up her toys as she'll snap them out of little hands regardless of where little fingers are) but as she's bit my partner, I would not want her in a home with young children just in case this happens again. And I'm not willing to compromise on that. She has a problem with cars, always growls at them, tries to get to them. She'll bark at the door if it knocks and can become quite verbal. I live near a main road. This problem will probably be resolved if she went to a property away from main roads. She DOES NOT get on at all with other dogs. She grew up with 8 dogs but they were big and she had to fight her way through the pack. She entered my home and within days was ragging my chihuahua any chance she got. They are best friends now. Even so, I prefer her to go to a home without other dogs. I can't safely say she'll be ok with a new dog. It took her a while to settle down with my chihuahua. As you can see, she has her bad points but I needed to be as honest as possible so people who are interested are fully aware of the problems they may face with her. Gwynedd area. I do not drive so local would be good. So just to be clear : You must not have young children You must not have any other pets I'd prefer experienced JRT owners She would not be a suitable first dog for anyone I will not rehome her with single males Thanks for reading.
  5. WelshG


    Hello I'm Marie I live in Gwynedd with my two doggies. Princess & Chaz I am currently trying to find Chaz (the JRT) a new home. Shame because she's such a lovely girl I'm more than a bit gutted. I can't seem to post in the rehoming section but I guess that's because I only have one post count or something. Anyway, nice to meet you all
  6. Welcome to the forums WelshG :)

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