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  1. Aww Owen is lovely. So tired as really busy in work. First time Ive been home before 7pm all week
  2. im planning on nagging everyone I work with until they do it so I leave them alone lol
  3. Lots of good thoughts for Owen. Happy Birthday Suzeanna! We're now in 4th place and chasing 3rd
  4. Thanks Alex Have had a busy weekend. We had a day out to Weston for my birthday. Went on the pier, playing on the 2p slots went in the 4d cinema and on the really naff ghost train Yesterday took Louie for a good walk to places I keep meaning to go and are really close but never seem to get there so we made the effort Carperts of bluebells everywhere! Today we did a dog show and Louie managed to make a break for it back to ur stand whilst he was supposed to be showing off his trick - disappearing act wasnt what I was going for. He still managed to get a rosette!
  5. What happened to April? Could I be cheeky and ask the lovely fugees to vote for Oldies Club. The more votes we get the better the chance we have of winning £2000 which would be very useful Hello :-) Oldies Club is taking part in Direct Debit Big Break and we need LOTS of votes. Please take a minute to vote for us :-) The good cause with the most votes each month will receive £2,000, then £1,000 for second place and the remaining £2,000 will be divided equally amongst the agreed number of runners up for that month. You can vote online by clicking or via text message – please text BIG BREAK 0616 to 78866. (Big Break advises that texts will be charged at your standard message rate.) We are a volunteer-run charity and funds raised will be used to help beautiful old dogs, like these, who are currently in our care. Thank you
  6. Oh dear they do like to keep you in place when you want to be in the other country Hello havent been on here in a while
  7. Now Open! I know Phebe Louie will be 7 in May
  8. Oldies Club is celebrating older dogs! We are holding a fundraising photo competition for the sixth year running especially for dogs age 7 and over. The winning dog will represent the Oldies Club for the following year. The only rule for this competition is that dogs entering need to be veterans, they do not necessarily need to be rescue dogs to enter. We have divided the UK up into 7 regions - North East, North West, South East, South West, Midlands, Scotland and Wales. The winner of each region will go forward to the Grand Final. The competition will run for the month of March, closing at 9pm on Monday 31st March 2014. PLEASE don’t leave it till the last minute and risk missing out!! NB. You must own the copyright of the pictures you are posting as any photos entered may be used for future promotional material by Oldies Club. No studio shots such as those taken at Pets at Home events. Oldies Club Committee members are unable to take part in this competition. This rule does not apply to helpers or other associates. For more details please visit:-
  9. Made a new friend today Meet Lance the latest Oldies Club dog.
  10. Ello Have spent the last 3 days back and forth to Swansea for a course. Am absolutely knackered and very glad I booked tomorrow off work. Looking forward to me lie-in but know I will wake at 7 anyway Get to go to Neath-Port Talbot next week, My life is so rock n roll at the mo lol.
  11. Louie had to have a bath, he wasnt best pleased. Out on a rather muddy walk he managed to trip and fell face first into the mud on oneside.
  12. Hello Henry Horrible weather out there, Managed to pop out for a little bit in a dry spell. Not sure what to do tomorrow as it looks utterly miserable again. Hmmm
  13. Aww Bo is the same age as Louie. I cant believe he is going to be 7 in May either!!! My boy officially an oldie time flies! Thinking of Alex & Garfy
  14. Thanks all. Received the call to say its passed. Yey! just £50 to pay for the MOt itself Jayne that's insane
  15. Good thoughts for my car please its MOT and is an old girl now.
  16. I have book club this evening but weather so horrible its not really encouraging me to go back out later.
  17. Im so sorry Loobie If you need anything let me know Im not far away. Alex I like all three beds they're v posh looking. I have a metal headboard and have never lost my pillows when reading. The metal does curve though so maybe thats the reason. Sam Im amazed Tiger doesnt eat curry she seems to eat everything else Managed to get a walk in today where it didnt rain. Massive puddles everywhere and Louie couldnt resist having a paddle.
  18. I never know what to do with my hands they always drop into ballet mode which I gave up a looooong time ago lol. I dont do New Years so I will prob be in with Big Ben
  19. This is the dress. Once in a blue moon type photo lol Did not like getting up in pitch black and coming home in pitch black. Winter not my fav time of year.
  20. Louie loves the beach. Have had busy weekend. Had a wedding yesterday which was very lovely. I wore a dress and didnt fall off my heels. Today myself and Tracey who I went to Sri Lanka with met up with Mo from Dogstar whilst shes holidaying in the UK. We went for food and drinks and a fab catch-up
  21. Thank you to everyone who entered. Our lovely lad is now known as Travis
  22. Christmas Fundraiser for Dogstar Foundation As you know I went out to Sri Lanka to visit Dogstar in September and now Im hoping to help raise funds with a Christmas hamper full of goodies. If you are interested in entering please send a donation to . Happy to post hamper to winner (UK only) so please dont let that put you off. Will be accepting offline entries as well. Christmas Fundraiser for Oldies Club As you know I am on the committee and Im hoping to help raise funds foru our lovely old dogs with a Christmas hamper full of goodies. If you are interested in entering please send a donation to (£1 a strip). If you could forward your receipt to that would be brilliant. Happy to post hamper to winner (UK only) so please dont let that put you off. Will be accepting offline entries as well. Draw to take place Saturday 14th December 2013.
  23. Thank you Ive shared this in a few places so current names list is:- Robbie Travis Bob Dino Prince Buddy Sonny Jim Jingles Sausage Sage O'Grady Alf Jeff Morris Malcolm Brian Bertie Wooster Jeeves Wodehouse Wilberforce Panda Big Baby Sheldon Ronnie Sawyer Saul Nicholas
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