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  1. Ended up having to leave own leaving do after about an hour due to splitting headache. Bluddy cold - have been feeling shite for over a week nw, and I'm VERY OVER IT. Elricc - have a first
  2. Right, I'm off to the pub. Nighty night all...
  3. 4 pints at lunchtime. Sarky all-company leaving email. Many, many messages of support. Bridges burnt... but ahhhh, feck it... feels good!
  4. Fab piccie - He's a very handsome young man, that Dooley! And I *love* the way beautiful Aggie does a maddie, takes one look, and is like 'hell no!'
  5. :Ellie :GroupHug: - not good sweetheart, not good. Listen to wise fugees... In the meanwhile, have you considered asking him if it';d be ok to pay him back ion installments ? OUt of interest, do you both pay rent, or do you pay rent towards his mortgage?
  6. tHAT IS VERY FABULOUS- WELL DONE B*gger. That's well rubbish *ssssssssssssssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnort*
  7. Random But Not So Mundane Fact: Today is my last day of work Bloody hell love - get down the docs Not good sweets MIght you have been credit card fraud-ed? That's not good
  8. RMF: Still pooooooooooooooooooooooooooorly RMF2: Me boss was very amused by the seagull mobile we made and put above his desk RMF3: Me ballerina shoe croc have arrived - they're rather nice
  9. *snigger* - if you is looking for sympathy, you shouldn't be so good at making me laugh! Though do have a gentle hug, in preperation for stings RMF: Off home now, so nighty night...
  10. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh! Nobody knows!
  11. 'tegk68' - still poorly-sick, but getting more temptyted by th HDV by the minute... claw toe baths... mmmmmm... it's not like we'll be eating out anywa, 'cause we have the maddog... hmmmmm Amaranth -me too... boosboss - more so now! You little bnugger! Poor poor chick ! Shall have to rescue it... Stoats don't like swimming Gemstone - Well done you on the loss - very good = ) So sorry my love Unfortunately, we';re only down for a singular night - the 30th of may, me birthday. Though teh lovely Maddie will be coming with us (thus the hotel dilemma!) Dolly - I already tried = ( - the only one that does is miles out of town, and we don;t drive.... Bluddy gorgeous - and very daft = ) cheryl33 - 'akitas - glad she's ok - though I thought a little young for getting plastered RMF: My boss got mobbed by seagulls at lunchtime - he returned from shopping literally COVERED in s***! I've been making 'send me home' noises all morning as I feel so rough, and he wouldn't... so I guess karma came from above :biglaugh
  12. I always wanted a pet one! So cute and full of mischief-looking Oh blimey. I wouldn;. Just put your mascara on first, then a slickk of vaseline from the inner corner of your eye onto the lid - opens your eyes right up, and is moisturising too. Well, it doesn in an emergency I'll second that! And I'm off to walk maddie. See you all in a bit
  13. Luffley I needed summat to make me smile... I dont go in there, as it makes me bawl, which just won't do at work. But I second the hugs to all who need right now :grouhug: Welcome! The water's warm... RMF: I neeeeeeeeeed to find somewhere to stay in Brighton that's dog friendly and doesn;t cost millions. The only place I can find is Hotel Du Vin at £150 a night! But then, it might be a nice birthday treat
  14. RMMoan: I'm feeling like absolute poo. Really sore throat, earache, dizzy, cold, achey, cough... woooooooeee. Double woe, because its my last week of work, so there's no way I can go home. Triple woe, I don;pt think I'll be better in time for my leaving do
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