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  1. Dawn4


    Thanks so much for the replies. Am trying not to panic, but having lost my greyhound to bone cancer and very quic kly after my oldie had to be pts due to severe dementia immediately followed by my elderly cat being pts due to constant back to back seizures thought to be caused by a brain tumour, I can't help but think the worst. So to hear that someone knows of a dog living well with Cushings gives me hope.Thankyou and as you say it may turn out to be something else.He is booked in Monday for the first set of tests and hopefully we will know more then xx
  2. Dawn4


    Hi, sorry I don't post in here often, but really need a glimmer of hope. It's been an awful 12 months that has seen me lose 2 dogs and one cat and now my 10 year old borderterrier is being tested for Cushings. I have rightly or wrongly searched the net and it all seems very depressing and bleak.really hoping to find someone who has had a dog with Cushings to hear their experiences.I can't get my head round the fact he might have such a serious illness
  3. That sounds interesting Sarah!!! You'll have to let me know
  4. WOW hi Sarah!!!!! We are all fine thanks.Yes I know it's ben way too got kind of manic,though I have been and lurked sometimes!!!!The georgeous Finn is fine though he's just getting over a dental. He had 17 teeth removed which was a shock as we only thought he needed 3 out .But in true Finn style he has milked it for all the sympathy he could. Hows Ruby and the newbies ? Thanks for the recommendation. Alison...yesss pleeeease could you report back...............God it's so hard putting them in kennels without Claz Thanks Brenda for the linky am going to check it out.
  5. Hi Apologies cos I've not posted on here in ages,but can anyone recommend boarding kennels in Leicestershire that could ideally keep all my 4 together!! Eldest son was going to dog sit but is now going away the same week as us!! Thanks
  6. well i survived having 8 week old twins to stay overnight tho i look like this only 2 hours sleep all night Don't know how my friend does it !!!!!) Have huge respect for her now !
  7. You won't be jealous when I'm pacing up and down at 2 o clock and 4 o clock in the morning :on't think I'll be able to stop looking at them all night Anne I'll put some pics onwhen i get chance
  8. I have got two little house guests tonight. I've got my friends 8 week old twins staying overnight think she needs a nights rest so i volunteered ,So don't think I'll be around much byeeeeee
  9. aaaah spose so that why I'm so broke then
  10. afternoon everyone I've just spent asmall fortune in the Next sale. i got a lovely skirt for me then felt guilty bout OH so got him some jeans, then felt guilty bot kids so got both boys some jeans , eldest daughter a bikini and youngest daughter a top turned out to be quite an expensive skirt why can't I ever just treat myself without feeling guilty and buying everyone something?
  11. hi Just back from visiting my friend who gave birth to twins yesterday . She looked Fab absoloutely glowing and i had tons of twin cuddles and fed one of them......have updated their thread with a pic
  12. Morning friend had her twins yesterday....have added a post with all the details I can't wait to see them but will have to wait til all the family have been I think.
  13. Thanks Don't worry I will, it's lovely sharing my excitement...the twins won't take Libbies place but it's lovely to have something to look forward to and of course to cuddle and love
  14. Hi Peeps tryinigto catch up haven't been on for a couple of days , been very busy. I went to see CATS last night and it was brill. Erm think am gonna be very very busy cos my friend who is expecting twins has been told she's being induced next friday She's 36 weeks but one of them isn't growing too well so out they come!!!!! She's been through a lot ( many miscarriages and lost her daughter to cot death last year)so they don't want to take any chances with this precious cargo.They have estimated the weights as 3.5 lbs and 4.7 lbs so they are ging to be weeny.Seems strange to think this time next week they'll be here
  15. Have spent ages online completing a national numeracy level 2 practice test.....struggled like hell through pecentages and fractions.....and lost my internet connection before I finished so had to start again....half way through and it happened again. I am not normally inclined to spend valuable relaxing time torturing myself with maths but I need this to go onto a higher level at work. Any useful tips on remembering how to do percentages welcome Am now gonna have a hoooge glass of wine and forget percentages and fractions for tonight.
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