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  1. I know I don't post very often but I dfo lurk This has made me so angry....................silly stupid COW ........................ I'd have punched her lights out, flattened her and given her a right mouthful too. Bet she was no oil painting Like you I would have gone home and cried buckets. HARRY IS GORGEOUS I JUST LOVE HIS CHEEKY LITTLE FACE Sending you and a very big for Harry. I used to have cats (now that I've three rescue Springers) that is now a thing of the past - all the cats I had were from a rescue and I always used to have the ugliest ones that were there - too many people overlooked them because they weren't 'pretty' I didn't think they were ugly in my eyes they were beautiful. Sue xx
  2. Sweet Dreams and God Bless Lucky - you were loved in your final months for his devastated owners
  3. Hurry to the Bridge Saffie where all your angel friends will be waiting for you. Have fun sweetie, young again and free from pain. Sleep tight and sweet deams Saffie. So sorry and to your family
  4. OMG NO never - thoroughly disgusting habit [
  5. I am so very very sorry. I cannot imagine what pain you are feeling now Fly to the Bridge sweet Ailsa with your new wings. I've asked my Lucy and Jura to look for you and give you a big welcome. Look after your Mummy and Daddy Ailsa. Sleep tight sweetheart
  6. Safe journey to the Bridge Lacey. Nite Nite and God Bless
  7. I am so sorry to read this sad news. Hurry to the Bridge Mr Fin where you will have fun with all our Bridge Babies who will be waiting for you. Nite Nite, Sweet Dreams Little Man. to your family and your friends
  8. Come on Finlay showm them what you are made of and get well very soon
  9. Good Luck at the Vets and for Jess.
  10. After reading all these replies I feel so much better. Finn, one of my Springer Spaniels absolutely hates Black Labs and if they are entire he hates them even more - something I can't understand as Finn himself is castrated. Females don't seem to have quite the same effect on him. He also hates a lot of Collies - but someone said to me once it's probably because they stare at him (big wimp). As he was a rescue from Ireland it may be that he some run-in or such like in his previous home. Saying that it's pretty safe to say he doesn't like entire males, but Labs are his particular hate. Jan, my other Springer, loves all dogs, Black, Brown, White and I'm sure if she saw a 'purple' dog she would love that too. We are pretty lucky where we are we have the shore along the Loch to walk and plenty of Forestry roads but I always put both of them back on their leads when I saw Collies or Labs heading our way My previous Springer also hated Black dogs, didn't matter what breed they were - he was caught by the throat by a Black Lab when he was 4 months old and shaken and this happened at Dog Training Classes - needless to say the offending dog was banned - but the stupid owner couldn't have cared less. From that day until the day Jua went to the Bridge his mission in life was to rid the world of Black dogs, apart from his 'sister' Lucy who was a Staffy X Lab and was Black
  11. What a lovely tribute to a well loved dog. Keep running at the Bridge Taz
  12. Dogs Nipper died 1991 Jura died 2004 Lucy died 2005 - my shadow - always there beside me Cats Kirsty died 1980 Toots Lucky Charlie Monty died 2005 Thomas died 2006
  13. Poor poor dog and what it must have suffered just not bear thinking about. I hope whoever is responsible is put in a kennel and forgotten about. I am so angry I just want to get in the car and drive down to Dalkeith and let rip at them Run Free at the Bridge darling
  14. Nite Nite - Sweet Dreams beautiful Peggy Run as free as the wind at the Bridge Peggy
  15. Healing thoughts being sent from Oban to the wee soul
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