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  1. Thank you all so much, you've been so kind. xxxx
  2. Things are not looking good for my missing boy Ziggy. Please if you can, light a candle and think of him this evening. He has a huge piece of my heart and always will. As we reach the winter solstice I send him strength, comfort and love. My lovely lurcher boy - Loving words upon my lips Light-giving song in my heart Life-bringing praises upon you. The music of comfort resound in your soul Preserve you in peace, run swift and free full of joy As the sun and moon renew themselves this night. With my thanks, and my heart, always.
  3. So sorry for you, thinking of you all. Be happy chasing bunnies, Buddy
  4. Good to hear she's doing ok, and hopefully will have a long happy time with you yet. PICTURES, woman!!! xxx
  5. Thanks folks, am getting more than a bit worried on account of the ffffffffffreeeeezing weather, and lack of anything conclusive. Meanwhile my foster dog girlie is stopping Louie from getting too depressed - but I WANT MY ZIGSTER BACK!!
  6. Silly bitch. Hope she gets piles so she HAS a pain in the ass as well as being one. Harry is absoluely lovely, and that woman is WELL outnumbered. Can you by any chance train him to lift his leg on command...? Edited because it won't let me say c o c k his leg!! :laughingsmiley:
  7. Me, i'm Woefulscrooge Snottypoop
  8. A year today (the 1st) since I brought my boy home from the kennels AND I ACHE INSIDE. Miss you Zigster, come home...
  9. Thank you everyone, you've given me some helpful ideas and some sense of proportion, as alway it helps talking to you.
  10. I can't afford Christmas, I love my daughter but it's presents from me, presents from santa, no slack in the credit card andI hate the pressure to buy buy buy and have a perfect 'Delia Christmas' with all the everythings.. and New Year is not much fun to those of us single 40 somethings. So I vote for just skipping the whole damn thing and getting to the bit where I can heave a sigh of relief til next, ooh, say September when the shops start playing Slade again. Bah humbug indeed.
  11. So sorry Melp, she sounds like that special animal that is never replaced and never forgotten. She'll live on always in your heart, and what a peaceful way to go, sleeping away next to those you love. Harder for you than her - you're in my thoughts.
  12. Thank you all - it's been cathartic to write Baz's story down, I miss her every day but it's not a comfortable burden to carry. Your lovely words help. xxx
  13. Hi, here's a thought for you - when Louie broke his leg very badly, and suffered physically and mentally, a kind vet recommended I contact Freemans Homeopathic Pharmacy in Glasgow. They have a website - or 0845 225 5155. I spoke to their Chief Pharmacist (very kind and helpful man) and he made up some tablets of arnica and hypericum - lactose based so they just dissolve on the tongue. It cost around a tenner - I got some Rescue Remedy in spray form too which is great for dogs. Would highly recommend talking to them, they'll come up with what's exactly right for her. I rang them at 3pm one day, the tablets arrived following morning - amazing service, and I'm certain they helped Louie's bruising heal and his shattered nerves too! Good luck to you both xxx
  14. Hi Owl, hope you're well. Just really want a sign that he's still out there. Apparently my horoscope for November said I'd make lots of new contacts this month. Twas not wrong! No more from Spennymoor but Sue Short at GALA is giving me some useful contacts within the working dog world.
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