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  1. Yep tmobile shop did it for me when I bought a new phone and no charge
  2. another wonderful thing to come from the pet passprt scheme
  3. Yep I;ve recently been through it, ok it was horrnedous because I wouldn't have a period for a few months then I would absolutely flood for a few days, but that didn't too long that everything stopped. It was then the hot flushes started and they are not much fun but I am now through the other side and am at prresent under the doctor because my weight is plummeting , well I did put a bit on with stopping smoking and this, but in the past 3 months I have shed 3 stone without even trying and I feel great, full of energy and ready to try anything. had just about every blood test available and nothing is showing up, apparently my blood is better then it should be
  4. Ingrid

    Boxer Shot

    I totally disagree with that statement, having seen what a dog can do to a herd of ewes both pregnant and with lambs, it's not a lot of fun clearing up afterwards. Yes I feel sorry for the girl and the dog, the farmer should not have dumped the dog like that, but the father knew the sheep were there, knew there was a hole in the fence, who knows how many times thedog had been in the field before. The farmer was protecting his livelihood, don;t know the laws in Scotland but in the UK the outcome with the police would have been the same and possibly a prosecution for the dog owner
  5. Mmmmmm...........yes, it's my second home at the moment, trying to get a good shot of the red squirrels in the new walk through
  6. 4 week old orphan fox cubs
  7. Since we lost Zen, Merlin won't touch anything that has been anywhere near dog food, not that he ate much of it before He firmly believes that if it is good enough for humans then he should have it too so I just have to cook extra, mind you he still waits till we have finished in case we have something different that he just might prefer
  8. I have a pair of short wellies. If you click on rider accessories, then easy close boots. They are fully lined and so comfy,
  9. Is it a special birthday ? To be honest under the circumstances I would just ignore the e-mail, sounds more like a begging letter
  10. Thanks Gwyn, we are still in shock at how quick it happened, and comforted by the knowledge that he didn't suffer. Merlin is a bit out of sorts at the moment, hope yours are all well
  11. Thankyou all for your kind thoughts, can't beleive it's been a week.
  12. I am totally devastated, last Wednesday we lost my lovely 12yo, GSD Zen He had been enjoying the snow until the day before, then on Wednesday he just lost interest, and collapsed in the garden on the one occasion he went out. A trip to the vet showed his heart was failing and the prognosis wasn't good so we let him go peacefully. He was the dog that I always dreamed of sharing my life, a soul mate, This picture was taken a couple of days before and now a larger version has pride of place
  13. Smash the fat balls up and scatter them, I think the problem is they are too hard for the birds to break in this cold weather. My garden is like a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock movie, we have loads of birds foraging all the time moment, I scatter seed and tesco value sultanas/raisins which they love.
  14. One thing to remember with the D60 is that is does not have an internal focus motor so you would be restricted to lenses that have them unless you want to manually focus.
  15. My brother in law did this a couple of years ago and I thought it was a great idea, much rather money was spent on something like that then wasted on an item I'll never use, but then they normally end up in a charity shop
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