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  1. Bah humbug!!! " come on ladies and gents... get bidding, it'll make a nice christmas present for the kiddies " 'it' being a less than 5 month old shetland pony foal GRRRRRRRR!!! needless to say complaints have been lodged
  2. Something wonderful has happened this weekend, you wake and you are still alive I wish it would stop raining :-(
  3. for a lovely old lad emw x
  4. Oh what a lovely baby...but how very very sad a start for him
  5. Monring, new on this bit am I ..can't get sorted due to clocks doing daft things! eldest daughter and her Oh are clock collectors...they have 59 of them to alter twice a year off to the sanctuary now.. emw x
  6. I was sent the link to here from one of the forum members. so posting on behalf of EMW Sanctuaries. It's a busy time for us right now with both Sanctuaries - Herefordshire and Powys - running at maximum numbers although we do have some horses and ponies ready for rehoming there is a lonng waiting list - as with many chairities - of others waiting to come in. With first the snow and then the rain it feels like we are drowning in mud but Spring is just around the corner and within a few weeks Garnlas - a 20 year old pony mare - will produce her last foal of probably at least 14, maybe more. She arrived here in emaciated condition having been saved from the meat wagons by a kind lady. Garnlas had a foal at foot in the auction, unfortunately it was sold away from her on the day leaving her depressed and shut down. She took almost 3 months to regain her spirit but is now inter-reacting with us and this time she will not have her foal taken from her until she's ready to wean it herself. We expect her to foal around late March, early April. emw x
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