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  1. Sarah, I am so sorry to hear Bear has passed, and so sorry for your loss God bless, Bear
  2. as its taken a while to be approved, I thought I'd just *bump* this for Helen, as I fear she may have thought I was ignoring her
  3. Really sorry to read this Emma, I hope Tekno is now stable and you are on your way home to him
  4. Helen, whether or not I feel it is fair regarding the rescues named is beside the point - it's not my call, not my decision and not my board. FYI I have transported and/or homechecked for a number of the rescues mentioned - and still would, as my motivation is to help dogs into homes. In many cases I have no personal knowledge of the rescue or the circumstances so cannot possibly comment there. I do feel, however, that DP (and the Refuge and any other rescue related board for that matter) does have a responsibility to its members and the general public using the facility. If therefore, the owner (of any board) has an issue (real or imagined) then they are 'obliged' to act in the way their consciense dictates. I realise this will not be a popular opinion, but it is my opinion. I don't personally feel that a *refer to moderator* message is defamatory. With regard to double standards, well as you know I feel those exist here too.... Members that have donated money have done so of their own free will, knowing clearly what the purpose of the fundraising is and there have been several threads/posts explaining this is some detail. No one has to part with any money unless they choose to, and many chose not to and some even explained why. as I said to Helen - I don't personally feel that a *refer to moderator* message is defamatory. With regard to double standards, well as you know I feel those exist here too.... I did try a search in the archive to elaborate upon this, but as the thread no longer appears to exist I'm unable to do so. I agree Wendy - I've asked what is hoped to be achieved as you may have seen and the answer from The Refuge is to have the 'banned' rescues reinstated, but the feeling from those rescues seems to be that they wouldn't post there anyway even if they could?
  5. There is a pinned thread dating back to 2004 reiterating the rules
  6. Well not really, because as you both know the rules of the Sponser Lounge dictate that those without access cannot be discussed as they are unable to reply.....
  7. Well said Ian - FWIW I agree totally. I do know Carol, and I also know for a fact that she is 110% commited to the dogs/animals
  8. Sorry? Was that directed at me, or was it rhetorical? Thank you for answering my question, anyway
  9. Sorry to quote myself, I know it's sad to do so , but I wanted to firstly thank those of you that have responded to my questions - and secondly to ask if either an Admin or Host would give the Refuge's view on what they would hope to achieve? If there is no clear objective in mind, then this thread will continue in circles forever and achieve nothing other than the OP's original intent to explain RDR's absence from DP. From the rescues that responded, it seems that they are less concerned about having a presence on DP (or any forum as it seems it has little impact on their rehoming?) than having 'messages' displayed when their names are referred to in posts removed? Would that be an accurate summation?
  10. Thank you Helen, that was my intent (if only for myself ) - and I am interested in all opinions, individual or rescue
  11. What conclusion is hoped to be reached, for those that say they want 'it sorted'? Is it for each rescue mentioned to be re-instated on DP? Is it for DP to be 'brought down' and closed? Is it to bash the owner of the board into submission? Genuine questions - no 'snipe' intended - I really would like to know
  12. As yet, I have only reached about 20 pages into this thread - but feel the need to attempt to reply (even without the benefit of having read the remainder - I say attempt, because I am still on pre-mod so my post may or may not be published... I am on pre-mod because, I'm given to understand, I was associated with Hope Rescue My association was to transport dogs, no more nor less than that. Oh yes, and I also asked (very cheekily it would seem) for some clarification as to The Refuge's stance on Mill Rescue.... A question, and an alleged *alliance* - seems very much to me that the 'standards' of both boards are similar?
  13. God bless, Hugo Sue, I am so sorry t'was a privilege to have met the handsome fella - he'll be much missed
  14. Good night, God bless Humph - Owl/Phoebe - I'm sorry for your loss
  15. Not in my experience, to date
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