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  1. Thank you to all who have posted there thoughts. LESLEY was taken to young at 47. Some people have asked about donations or flowers i would like any donations to go to the british heart foundation or north west air ambulance. s I cant say about funeral dates as the post mortem is only taking place on monday. i will post a date and time when i know more. Once again i thank you all for your kind thoughts. regards ( barry )lesleys husband
  2. Tesco have loads of stuff at a pound at the mo, 8 sausages, fish fingers, chicken fingers,12 barmcakes, fish in sauces, bsgd of spuds etc, me and the mother in law went round the other day filling our baskets with the pound stuff, the only thing we went over £1 on was milk, coffee and sugar!
  3. My mother in laws cousin is or was David Niven, have links to a Grand National Winner, and Blackpool Tower, a family member is friends with Princess Anne, I got drunk with Billy Conolly and was drunk and turned Lewis Collins down (mmm was drunk a few times in my younger years )
  4. Red Rotties


    my soul mate I love bags, mine have their own cupboard, are cleaned when I have used them and stuffed with tissue paper when not in use. Mind you I hardly ever use them in every day life, thats what pockets are for but boy I can pull some good ones out when I need one, mine range from a paisley pug one that can stand up, sit down or lie down to very posh beaded evening ones and every thing inbetween!!
  5. I'm being a good girl and have purple_mogs sweet potato soup cooking in the slow cooker that she gave the recipe for back in April (search facility is wonderful isn't it!), if that doesnt warm me up nothing will
  6. Gorden Ramsey already has a bulldog so hopefully it will be more wanted there
  7. I always wanted a pink poodle When youinger we had a old english that loved being groomed and played with and would sit for hours whilst you played with her coat so she had a full coat and we did, the next oes we had hated to be groomed so she was clipped right back. I dont think if the dogs likes the human contact its really wrong, I can think of worse things people do to animal
  8. if you want to take the dogs... edit for spelling the link right doh!
  9. no unbelievable but so bloody wrong!
  10. She is right Barry has been up and down the country and cant believe how some people are driving in this weather. Lights dont cost any thing to keep on and could save your lives, dont leave it until the last minute before changing lanes to leave the motorway, a truck takes time to stop and if it hits a patch of ice whilst doing so you will have no chance! I worry about Barry constantly but this weather makes it worse, the majority of the wagons on the roads are stocking up your food stuff so are as vital to keep on the move as your emergency vehicles so give them a chance
  11. Bless you, I married an old man
  12. lol welcome to the club, my son told me they have another on the way on boxing day, their yongest is 5 months old at the mo, and he is number 4 so come July we will be up to grandchild number 18
  13. It has been snowing here since at least 5am (when I looked out the window), I can hardly see over the park across from our house with the snow that is falling, but the view will be better soon cos our council are out........ trimming the hedges.... crazy crazy world!!!
  14. I live near Preston and havent heard any thing on this via all the dog walkers around here which you usually do when any thing happens re dogs
  15. Has Lesley still got the caravan on site at the farm? there he would get all sorts of animal experience!
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