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    Real name Diane. I've got an overactive Wiccaweys collie and a gorgeous old GSD from Rochdale Dog Rescue. And the cats Tomkinson and Smirnoff. I work as an activity organiser in a care home and as a parent co-ordinator for a charity which supports disabled children and their families - both part time so lots of time for the animals too. Love making things (craft items and cards for rescues and other charities to sell as well as dog blankets from recycled materials) and use this as an excuse not to do any housework.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Barbara has left us. She was a special lady. My thoughts are with her family. Thank you for letting us know, Phoebe.
  2. smirnoff

    Tv Show

    My offer is genuine. I've worked with loads of rescues and if one of those is going and wants my help then I'll be with them. But if no one else wants me, then I'll be happy to be there for Freshfields. I'll find out all about you beforehand so I can answer questions. Looking forward to it already. Is it a silly question to ask if I can bring my dog with me?
  3. smirnoff

    Tv Show

    I saw him interviewed about the show yesterday and he's just so inspirational. All the work he does for animals and he wants to improve things for humans using the same techniques. It would reduce the time for innovations in human medicine by years - but the "powers that be" don't seem to listen. The DogFest sounds absolutely wonderful. I'd love to go and work on a rescue stall - so if anyone wants to have a stall and is looking for staff - just ask! (for DogFest North - not South as that's a very long way from where I live)
  4. smirnoff


    Thank you for posting this, Dawn. A friend of mine has a yorkshire terrier who came from Dogs Trust a year ago. He's transformed her life and given her something to live for (even though he's not the easiest dog in the world to live with). He's permanently hungry with an enormous pot belly and drinks an enormous amount. This week he's been diagnosed as having Cushings. My friend is on a very tight budget and although he's insured so that should cover his vets bills and medicine for a few months, when that runs out she'll really struggle to pay the bills. It's good to know that there are stories of dogs living good, long lives with Cushings. Jeebs is only a young dog and it would just be awful for her to lose him. She's had so much loss in her life already. Does anyone know of any "alternative therapies" which might help little Jeebs? Or otherwise have any tips on how to make his life the best it can be? Thanks a lot Diane
  5. What an amazing story! I'm so very pleased it had a happy ending. Diane
  6. This topic coming back to the top has reminded to update you all on Lily. She had loads of scans and X-rays which all showed that there was no spread. Since then, last month she had another lump which, to the vets, looked suspicious and needed removing. Trouble was, when they investigated it under anaesthetic it was quite large (about 2" long) and it had diffused edges which also needed to come out. To give a clear margin it would mean removing a section about the size of dinner plate which wouldn't heel so they did biopsies to establish exactly what it was. It turned out to be a skin infection which was successfully treated with anti-biotics. They repeated the chest X-rays and there's still no sign of anything. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that, when they took the original lump off, they got the whole thing and we've heard the last of it. Lily is still very happy and full of life. She was such a sad, withdrawn girl when she came out of the pound two and half years ago, and now she's full of beans and has even learnt to play with toys. She's always ready for her walks and will go as far as we want to go with no signs of tiredness - she'd go a lot further if we did! She loves it when holiday dogs come to stay and she has a new playmate. She greets our old Bukinova George every day with a big lick and she often curls up at night (on my bed) with a cat cuddled up next to her. Thank you to everyone for keeping Lily in your thoughts and sending positive vibes. I'm certain it helps.
  7. What heartbreaking photos. Thank God there are people like you who are prepared to help them.
  8. So sorry, Grace. It must be so quiet and empty without them. I've had two leave close together before. It was like one couldn't go on without the other. I like to think they were back together again. I hope Meena and Barnum are back together somewhere.
  9. He's looking great! And, more importantly, happy. Sending more positive thoughts for the lovely Lloyd.
  10. Thank you, Alicia. The vet seemed to think that they'd probably blast it with doxorubicin just to make sure, as long as there's no spread to the lymphatic system. But if it has spread, it will be more a question of keeping it under control and the metronomic approach would definitely be worth thinking about. I've got that article stashed away so I can talk it over with them when the results come back.
  11. It was much more optimistic news from the vet yesterday. The chest x-ray was clear and they had trouble finding lymph nodes to take samples - which is good because it means they're not enlarged. Fingers still crossed that this can be sorted out. Sorry to hijack your thread, Kats.
  12. Thank you so much, Murtle. Lily has been such a Godsend to me. I'd always wanted a German Shepherd and when I first saw her I fell in love with her instantly. I met Owl in the car park of a local park after she'd been rescued from the Sheffield pound and I took her rescue at Leicester. Then I got her back on foster to nurse her back to health. And of course, she never left. I can't imagine being without her.
  13. I had hoped that I wouldn't need to refer to that article for a long time. But my vet has just phoned. My wonderful Lily who came out of the Sheffield two years ago and has been a joy, has cancer. I have no idea what to do.
  14. That's really interesting. I'm going to bookmark that for future information. It sounds like such a logical solution. I've lost my son and a dog to osteosarcoma but I've never heard of this type of therapy. I never want to come across this awful disease again, but if I do, I'll be doing some more research on metronomic therapy.
  15. Bless him. He knows that he can have you running around after him now. They're so clever, aren't they. It sounds like he's doing really well with learning to live with his disability. I don't think dogs think of it the way we do - they still think about their ability and what they can have fun doing. Chemo isn't as bad for animals because they use a lower dose. A friend of mine had a cat on chemo for about six months and although she had some days when she was quiet and looked a bit sorry for herself, she also had times when she was really well and enjoying life. A year on and she's a very active, happy cat with no trace of the cancer. Fingers and paws all still crossed.
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