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  1. Brenda

    War Horse

    You haven't upset me, I just don't know what on earth you are talking about!!!
  2. Hi Jacky So sorry to hear of the loss of Cromwell , but 17 years is amazing. Hope you have Cooper for as long as possible. The new additions sound lovely. Xx
  3. Thinking of you and your mum at this very difficult time. Appalling way she has been treated.
  4. Ours is near a radiator too. Not ideal, I know, bur there is nowhere else, been like that for 16 years and no problems!
  5. I find Darlings to be an excellent company for raw feeding and they will tailor make food for your dogs and work out the quantity for their weight, breed, etc.. All food is free range, ethical, organic and responsibly sourced. Not the cheapest as you might expect, but excellent, my dogs absolutely love it!!
  6. They are very nice and not surprised they are popular! Would you consider donating a few to the SWT (Sighthound Welfare Trust) online auction which is taking place next month. On bidders are usually very generous and I'm sure these would be popular items. I am admin on SWT and part of my job is finding items for our auctions, every penny raised goes to help needy greyhounds.
  7. That is amazing, I love wild flowers.
  8. Excellent - I wish you all the best of luck!
  9. Very sorry to hear this and I don't think you are being silly at all. I and I believe all of us here, would feel the same.
  10. Saw this yesterday, very disappointed too, it doesn't affect me personally, but no doubt it will affect people's decision when taking on a rescue, particularly greyhounds.
  11. That pretty much sums up my ideal life too!! My ideal location would be the Isle of Wight, New Forest or Norfolk though.
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