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  2. I can understand too, Suzeanna
  3. I used to be a P A for one of the partners at a firm of insurance loss adjusters Griff, and I know they aren't always as efficient as one might hope! Keep at it! Owl, sorry for your loss. I can understand why she kept quiet about her illness, people treat you differently when they know and it can be hard to deal with. Hope this weather improves before next week or we'll need a boat to get to Scotland!
  4. sorry for the loss of your friend Black magic, huge but gentle hugs to you and Jim Ahhh I understand now jazz Suzeanna...the lights scenario happened to us the other week...we didn't even get through the lights Yantan..yes it was today, things went well until we got a email from the insurance solicitors and they have declined our case on the grounds of a Google satellite view of the roof ( which is not the was a flat roof and is now pitched) they have determined the gulley centre point is the boundary.... it's not, they have decided the property out the back of 27 belongs to doesn't, it's ours as confirmed by land registry and 2 solicitors and they seem to be taking next doors version of things as right. Anyway, the lady today has agreed to cap the rate at 4 hours even if it takes a lot longer...she said we are very well organized, doing the right thing with the photos and log and she is disgusted the police didn't take action when I was threatened and said we could sue for deformation of character lol Mum has emailed back and said she suggests they look at her case again..if we do end up going to court, we can sue them I think for not giving adequate support. They have asked us for no information at all
  5. Glad the walking belt helped you Owl and Wispa had a good walk. Strains take a long time to heal so take care with that. So sad about your friend. She obviously had her reasons for keeping it a secret. Think I'd be the same. So sorry to hear about Jim, Blackmagic. Hope you didn't feel you had to come on here because of my post. We do all care but just post if it helps and ignore us if it doesn't. We're still here for you both regardless. Huge hugs for both of you. Same for Suzeanna xx
  6. Bruises are getting better slowly but left hand is badly strained. I took Wispa out in Clumber Park today on a walking belt which took strain off my hands and shoulders.
  7. Thinking of blackmagic and Jim xx I can now disclose who was who has left us. Could not say before as some of her family were away and needed to be told before it went public. Julia, the best dog trapper on the Doglost team. She was 49. Had terminal cancer but kept it secret from everyone including her family. She will be greatly missed. Wispa and I have worked with her many times.
  8. So sorry Jim is suffering, which of course means so are you. I belong to a forum for people with mets and there are several who have to have fluid drained regularly, but in between times they are living pretty normal lives. Hope he soon gets help.
  9. we are all hugging both of you xxxxxx took the dogs out with the new zimmer. much easier. too hot though really. ill take them earlier tomorrow. bite the bullet and take kevin too
  10. Oh thanks for letting us know blackmagic but don't feel you have to keep it up when you don't feel like it. We are all here to off-load to if needed. Poor Jim, I do hope the planned treatment tomorrow helps. Please tell him I'm thinking of him and will be thinking positive, healing thoughts tomorrow for his appointment.
  11. I am okay. I have been reading. Things are but difficult just now. JIm has had severe chest pain since last week and an urgent CT on Monday resulted in him spending a night in our local hospital until it was decided what they would do. He has fluid in his chest cavity but no confirmation of why although most likely connected to the cancer mets in his lungs. However, his blood tests are all coming back clear. The options were drain it off there ,which they were reluctant to do since they are a small hospital- one medical ward and one surgical ward- , or send him home or to Inverness. After a 5 hour discussion with respirologist and oncolgist at the main hospital in Inverness he was sent home with an appointment for tomorrow at Inverness to get some fluid drawn off and a drain fitted. The district nurse will then come in to drain it. Until we see the oncologist on 25th we don't know anymore. He is in a lot of pain, particularly at night. He has Oramorph to take to help him get some sleep but it only lasts for 4 hours. He took extra last night but was very sick this morning as a result . He is very susceptible to strong painkillers and opiods- dihydrocodeine gave him halluciantions- so he is limited what he can take. He can't do much more than watch tv without getting brreathless. Apart from that things are just jogging along. until we get some answers. Not really in a chatty mood but like reading.
  12. because its needles, charities wont take them, glad your friend is ok x had my blood test. veins didn't collapse phew the gp stopped the old blood test kit but hasn't put the new one on. it cant go easy can it? saw 3 people I know in there. lewis was amazed everywhere I go I know people. one was a dog walker I see over the field. going to take these out with my new zimmer after dinner.
  13. I saw a couple of trailers for Wild Bill but I don't think it's for me, I've seen The Raft Owl and it was fascinating. We started The Hand Maiden last night. It's been around long enough that there are now 3 series available but I saw the film and tried to read the book and disliked both, so I have avoided this series until Ruby said "let's just try the first episode and see how it goes." The TV series is only based on the book so I think they may well have added to it. Anyway one episode down and it looks promising.
  14. That or they are checking their bloomin phone Suzeanna. Which is still against the law even if you are stopped. I hope blackmagic is OK. Sometimes I just read as I have nowt to say and sometimes I just waffle anyway. Griff are your parents back from the solicitor's yet? I have got the right day haven't I?
  15. I'm here! Nothing to do with you or anyone else telling their stories of woe, Griff, just that I've had nothing of interest to report! I hope you get a satisfactory end to the saga with those d*ckheads. Philip slept very badly last night so he booked today as a holiday, giving me the chance to take the car and go into Chesterfield to get a new battery in my watch. Good grief, some people really shouldn't be driving! Stopped at a red light behind one other car..nothing in front of them. Light went green..they sat there. I counted to five, gave a polite beep. Zilch! Counted to five again and blasted them, after which they shot off! Only cars that got through were theirs and mine, before the light changed again which shows how long they just sat (and no, hadn't stalled.) Bit further, red light at road works..different car in front, same story. I've come to the conclusion some people can't see the colour green. I'm glad your friend is ok Owl, and hope your bruises aren't giving you too much grief.
  16. Oh, thank goodness owl!!!
  17. Whew! Friend safe and well but offline.
  18. Owl, I really hope your friends o.k. I eat like that with Steve, if he hasn't spoken to me by mid day I go up there Jazz, do they change your drugs or over fill?? Shame they can't be donated to an overseas charity instead of being binned
  19. Have messaged a mutual friend about my friend who has gone incommunicado. She may have a phone number. Am really worried now
  20. Poor fishes. I don't think anyone has been driven away by justified moaning Still nothing from friend
  21. im sure I went on about yorkie man. lewis is due about 10, taking me for my blood test. ive sorted out my drugs. got 2 carrier bags of drugs for them to dispose of need to get dressed. after this coffee.....
  22. Yesterday
  23. Ouchy Owl, fingers crossed tomorrow brings news of your friend I too miss Suzeanna and Black magic...I think my Moaning about next door has driven people away I have been for beers and had a nice night, I am supposed to be out for dinner tomorrow but not sure what to do We went in the Chinese last week and dad said he was going to report them to the RSPCA.they have fishes, he didn't and we went in tonight and the fishes are dead and gone... Absolute sh@ts
  24. Bruises coming out, still hurting in all joints from the force of the fall.
  25. So sorry about your friend Owl. Hope you manage to get in touch with your overseas friend. How's the bruises now? Guess I missed a post but had no idea what foggers were Yantan lol. Quick google put that right. Glad it worked but sounds a bit dangerous for your health. Hope you're feeling no side effects today. Least you're all sorted for Lewis coming tomorrow Jazz. Better prepared early than not at all. Hope Suzeanna and Blackmagic are ok. Have a lovely Sunday evening all xx
  26. Thank you Fugees xx My friend moved abroad buy we chat online most days. She has husband so won't be alone, but he rarely goes online. If nothing tomorrow will check with a mutual FB friend. Could just be a computer/internet problem.
  27. Owl, sorry to hear that and so sorry your friend hasn't been there anyone near who could check on them?? Yantan..glad that the weevils have bitten the dirt but glad you survived and rip smoke alarm Jazz, hope Lewis come tomorrow Been and got more photos printed for the solicitor tomorrow, if you could win on effort alone...well, don't think we could do anymore.
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