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So what's happening Pingu?

I am currently doing some tinkering behind the scenes to add in some features I want in place before I do the reorganisation.

during this time you may notice your member group changes, weird buttons appear.. and then vanish and slices of toast suddenly materialise before being eaten by a low flying puppy...

all is well and will be working fully over the next week.

rescue wise I have some really nice stuff going in that I hope will be of use to you for both re-homing and fundraising.. provided it all works properly of course...

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#1 Dawn4

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Posted 04 January 2014 - 09:09 AM

Hi, sorry I don't post in here often, but really need a glimmer of hope. It's been an awful 12 months that has seen me lose 2 dogs and one cat and now my 10 year old borderterrier is being tested for Cushings. I have rightly or wrongly searched the net and it all seems very depressing and bleak.really hoping to find someone who has had a dog with Cushings to hear their experiences.I can't get my head round the fact he might have such a serious illness :(

#2 Yantan

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Posted 04 January 2014 - 09:29 AM

I've no practical advice to offer I'm afraid but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you've had such an awful time  :GroupHug:


I'm sure someone will be along to offer some help,

#3 Anne Grose

Anne Grose
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Posted 04 January 2014 - 10:37 AM

Hi Dawn, whilst I none of my dogs has had Cushings I have known at least three dogs belonging to friends and obedience competition folk that have had the disease and all have led a normal length life albeit having to have medication every day for the rest of their lives.


There are two types one that is caused by a tumour on the pituitary gland and another that is adrenal gland caused.  


I wouldn't necessarily get depressed and feel bleak because there is lots of information out there and support (including yahoo groups) for dogs with Cushings and if you research enough you will find hope.


It may turn out not to be Cushings and be something else - I am sending you a huge hug just to get you through this horrible period in your life.


Much love


Anne, Barty & Chloe

#4 Dawn4

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Posted 04 January 2014 - 11:07 AM

Thanks so much for the replies. Am trying not to panic, but having lost my greyhound to bone cancer and very quic kly after my oldie had to be pts due to severe dementia immediately followed by my elderly cat being pts due to constant back to back seizures thought to be caused by a brain tumour, I can't help but think the worst. So to hear that someone knows of a dog living well with Cushings gives me hope.Thankyou and as you say it may turn out to be something else.He is booked in Monday for the first set of tests and hopefully we will know more then xx

#5 smirnoff

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Posted 12 January 2015 - 11:13 PM

Thank you for posting this, Dawn. A friend of mine has a yorkshire terrier who came from Dogs Trust a year ago. He's transformed her life and given her something to live for (even though he's not the easiest dog in the world to live with).

He's permanently hungry with an enormous pot belly and drinks an enormous amount. This week he's been diagnosed as having Cushings. My friend is on a very tight budget and although he's insured so that should cover his vets bills and medicine for a few months, when that runs out she'll really struggle to pay the bills.


It's good to know that there are stories of dogs living good, long lives with Cushings. Jeebs is only a young dog and it would just be awful for her to lose him. She's had so much loss in her life already.

Does anyone know of any "alternative therapies" which might help little Jeebs? Or otherwise have any tips on how to make his life the best it can be?

Thanks a lot